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A Joyous Mother's Day

At Pure Joy, we are a small team with a passion for what we do every day, bringing support, dedication, and love to every aspect of our lives.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do. You are the glue that holds our families (both at work and at home) together. You are our first teachers, our biggest supporters, and our most loving friends. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.

We want to recognize our amazing moms for spreading Pure Joy wherever they go…

Lynette La Mere, the PJC Founding Executive Chef, Owner, and Relentless Culinary Explorer with over forty years of experience has contagious passion and energy and is our fearless leader and daily inspiration. She is the heart of the home, caring and loving with everything she does. She loves spending time and worldly adventures with her two sons, Lucas and Cougar.

Alizabeth Schotten, the bread to our butter Production Manager, makes sure that all the details and specialized menus are created for each event, making each vision a reality. Liz is such a lovable genius. She's the wizard behind the curtain who takes care of the myriad of details entailed in executing Pure Joy large complex off-premise special events. Liz, her husband Jared, and their two daughters Maci and Olive love playing softball and going to the beach, and as hardcore Dodger fans, love going to the games and getting a little rowdy.

Adriana Salcedo, our comedic and passionate Prep & Event Chef, loves to showcase her amazing skills in the kitchen and on-site creating works of art with her gorgeous food and eye for pretty details tying everything together. She always has a smile on her face every day, especially for her husband, Mauro, and their daughter Azul and young son Mauro (named for dad, of course).

Shayna Cogan, our enthusiastic and naturally full-of-joy Business Manager, recently joined PJC in February. Her contagious can-do attitude and her open, team player charisma are great lead for the team. She loves the everyday simple memories shared with her husband, Brandon, and young daughter, Allison, such as going to the park to play on the swings, taking a picnic to the beach, or getting in the car for the next travel adventure.

Happy Mother's Day Amazing Mammas!

XOXO, Your Pure Joy Family


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