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He's a Heart Breaker, Drink Maker, a Furniture Creator...

Ladder Shelves made by Jared

Ladder Shelves made by Jared

Sorry to break your hearts ladies, this one has already tied the knot with Alizabeth, Pure Joy’s Production Manager extraordinaire. Luckily for us, Alizabeth rents her hubby, Jared out to us on weekends to work Pure Joy events where he serves up delicious cocktails at the bar, supervises and drives our vans to and from events. When Jared isn’t enjoying Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, he’s making custom furniture for us as well. With 7 years of Pure Joy dedication under his belt, he’s definitely one of our favorite and most valued employees. This is why we want you to meet our favorite maker & creator, Jared!

In the photos above, you can see many of the amazing pieces that Jared has created to help make our events fun, unique and functional. He created the ladder shelves for a fun grab and go stationary appetizer display, a rustic wooden “face” to the mobile grill, wonderful cutting boards that double as a delicious bread displays for tables, risers to give buffets and stations height and variety and many more items we don’t have time to share. The major takeaway is he’s unbelievably handy and we love his awesome furniture making and creating skills.

I bet you’re wondering where in the world did he learn to be such a jack of all trades? He graduated with a degree in intercultural studies and played soccer in college - so he’s a real team player. ;) He’s also worked in construction doing custom wood work and full home makeovers for 12 years now. Plus he’s become an expert in creating all things from Pinterest, which he can thank his wife, Alizabeth for. She loves Pinterest! They are quite the dynamic duo when it comes to creating and crafting as Liz is like the wizard behind the Pure Joy curtain and is responsible for much of the magic that comes through our events. Together, they are a designing & creating powerhouse.

Jared says it’s always a nice day for a white wedding, but his favorite days are when he gets to make our signature cocktail, The Old Fashioned. He also loves our bacon wrapped dates, grilled cheese with tomato soup & the Summer penne pasta with asparagus.

To sum it up, we love Jared and he’s awesome. If you’re ever at one of our events and ask us where we got one of our awesome furniture pieces…we’ll probably say, “We got it from Jared.”

Bartending at a Pure Joy event!

Bartending at a Pure Joy event

Focused and Professional at all times.

Focused and Professional at all times.

Mobile Grill Front he made

Bread Boards made by Jared.

Bread Boards made by Jared.


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I want wooden pattern furniture for my office rooms this Christmas. We are changing the overall setting and look at our office. After this COVID and a stressful year, I want some change for my employees. How can we customize our furniture and what about ready-made furniture? Do you guys have an online store and are you offering any Christmas sale or any kind of discount through coupon platforms such as christmas coupons/flexispot coupons? Please help me out with this!

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