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Iny Mini Miney Mo

Iny Mini Miney Mo, These itty bittys were made by a pro, If you eat ‘em, you’ll say “oh!” Iny Mini Miney Mo.

There is something so darling about food that has been shrunken to a smaller more petite, mini version of itself. Over the years Pure Joy Catering has created numerous delectable mini food options that have just as much punch as their larger counterparts. A mini perk of the mini bites: Now you can eat even more delicious things!

Sometimes we like to “shake” things up with with a bite size burger and what’s a burger without a pickle? A gherkin is the perfect accompaniment to bite size Backyard BBQ style foods. Or we can get messy with some Sloppy Joe’s, cheesy with Mini Macs or Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. 

Our Station options for events can be fun and creative. Recently we created an “Oh No You Donut” station where we served bite sized donuts and mini iced coffees. The possibilities are endless and because we customize every menu to give that personal touch to your event, the sky is the limit. Specialty Stations give your guests something fun to do while adding to decor and keep things interesting. 

Another great option for these mini treats is to have our staff pass them around during cocktail hour. Want to have a huge hit at your event? Let us serve Mini Margaritas and Tacos. It will be a topic of conversation long after your special event has ended. 

Are you interested in some mini foods for your big day? We would love to hear from you. We love catering events and although we make it fun we take it seriously and are truly honored when we can be a part of someone’s special day. Check out some of our menu for more mini ideas!

Photos // Willa Kveta



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