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It's Your Party & You'll Do What You Want To!

Let me guess…you have a hidden, private pinterest page with all of your secret wedding ideas. You’ve perused for cute, vintage and handmade favors. You’ve liked  every wedding site on facebook and you’ve googled wedding decor a million times. And it’s possible you’ve been dreaming and planning your wedding day since you were little - you and your groom. Needless to say, you two know what you want. So our advice to you is an astounding HANG ON TO THAT! Don’t let anyone steamroll your ideas and your vision for your wedding.

It happens more often than not, someone gets involved and poof! goes the wedding day you two have dreamed of and someone else’s vision and priorities begins to emerge.  After catering thousands of weddings we can tell you that many times the best intentions of hired wedding pros and non pros alike often end up overshadowing fragile dreams. We see how it happens, we understand. Wedding planning can seem overwhelming. And you do want to be flexible & you’re open to ideas…

It’s your big day and you want your wedding celebration to be as unique to you as a couple as is possible. It will after all be the first time you’ll be entertaining your family and friends as a married couple. Remember that your ideas of your wedding day are the priority. Your styles will be melded together forever and you want to shout it from the rooftop. You can personalize every part of your wedding to your hearts desires. Once you have everything planned exactly how you want it to be, then take the recommendations and traditions from friends and family and see if there is time for it and it fits your style.

A friendly “Thank you, but no thank you” or "it's just not us" should suffice if it doesn’t fit your wedding plans and priorities. When you look back these will be your treasured memories and they should be just as you envisioned them. We loved Lindsay & Kevin’s wedding because you really get a feel for who they are; Fun loving & easy going. You can see them in all their chosen details and it makes this day extra special for friends and family because you can feel the two of them throughout the entire event. We just love when the bride & groom’s personalities shine through.

Like we said before…It’s your party and you’ll do what you want to and we are here to help.



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