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Meet the Joy Maker: Amy Vigilante

Amy with her beans

Name: Amy Vigilante

Title: Bookkeeper aka Bean Counter

How long have you been with PJC?

Since early 2017

Describe your role with Pure Joy

Well, I count the beans, so to speak. I keep the back end working smoothly by making sure all the wonderful people making the magic happen get paid, amongst a few other less exciting tasks ;)

What is it like to work at Pure Joy?

It really is a very special place of employment. I don’t spend as much time here as everyone else, but it’s a fun environment. It’s a small and relatively diverse group of people, and it feels like family at times. We laugh, we argue, but I have the pleasure of being around a group of people who are exceptionally good at what they do, which is inspiring.

What’s your favorite part about working for Pure Joy?

I love having an independent role that allows me freedom within my job, but where I’m also able to be a part of a team of lovely people. I am always learning new things about the inner-workings of the catering business, and every day looks a little different.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be and why?

Oooh, that’s fun. I would probably be a lemon drop. Because I’m the girl who still orders a lemon drop after the college years. Also, it’s a perfect blend of sweet and sour which I think sums my personality up nicely

What do you do for fun?

I spend most of my hours outside of Pure Joy with my husband and our two little boys. I love being outside, whether it’s spending a long day at the beach or puttering around in my garden and yard. I also love running, writing, cooking and torturing others with my beginner guitar skills

What else do you want our readers to know about you?

Pure Joy Catering is a company with high integrity, through and through. From how each proposal is hand crafted for our clients, to the quality of food, and treatment of all the people involved in the process, it’s a very nice place to work in. I feel grateful to be a part of it!


Amy Vigilante is an absolute joy. Her witty sense of humor, carefree lifestyle, precision, on target, on time bookkeeping and her positive attitude is the perfect addition to the Pure Joy headquarters. Her laugh is incredibly contagious! She is the best bean counter Pure Joy has ever had - by far! We are so lucky to have her.

Running Marathons & Hawaiian Adventures

Running Marathons & Hawaiian Adventures

With her work crew

With her work crew


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