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Meet the Joy Maker: Chef Carter

Title: Chef de Cuisine

How long have you been a chef & where have you honed your skills;

15 years strong in the chef game. Still enjoy the challenges and the rewards that come along with being a Chef. I was blessed with the opportunity to work for Mothers Bistro early in my career in downtown Portland, Oregon. High volume fast-paced kitchen, a very trial by fire experience! Taught to much to name but was the bedrock for the kitchen presence I am today. Also had the pleasure of working at Departure also in downtown Portland. A pan-Asian staple that puts out gorgeous thought-provoking dishes and taste stimulating flavors and smells. I worked under Gregory Goudet a familiar face on Top Chef and a super big part of my culinary maturation. My most fond job was Acena. A brilliant little farm to table Italian restaurant perched beautifully in the middle of Sellwood, Oregon a slick little neighborhood in southwest Portland. Rotating menu, the Northwest bounty was at our fingertips and we made magical dishes there. Most recently from the Santa Barbara Four Seasons.

What is the culture at Pure Joy?

Strength, Honor, Integrity, & Gratitude. The culture is the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and delivering our own special brand of efficient elegance and service.

What do you contribute to events (beyond truly exceptional cuisine 😉?

Charisma, a level head, and an honest desire to do right by the customer and their guests. A genuine sense of pride and drive to deliver the Pure Joy experience.

What’s your favorite part of your work?

Head down music up and creating those delicious flavors!

If you were a cocktail, what would you be and why?

“Paper Plane”




Lemon juice

Why? Unique, enjoyable, and refreshing.

What do you do for fun?

Dress sharp, meet up with friends around town, have a laugh, and make memories. Step out to the rose garden or the beach to people watch, conversate, and soak up the sun.

What else do you want our readers to know about you?

If art is how we decorate space, music is how to decorate time.

A note from the Executive Chef;

He's the heart of Pure Joy. This company is like a family, we operate from a place of authentic teamwork, support & trust, and Carter just intrinsically operates that way right outta the gate, new staff or new clients are instantly treated with kindness and respect, we LOVE that about Carter. He is an insanely skilled chef of many different ethnicities who is constantly learning with an immeasurably winning, positive attitude. I can't imagine having a better fellow at the helm, we are so blessed!


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