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Fresh Mojito Recipe From the Pros

Yield: 1 pitcher

Pot luck you say? HA! You wont need any luck with this dashing addition in tow. Refreshment defined;

1 ¾ cups simple syrup (half water, half sugar, boiled until clear)

1 cup fresh lime juice

3 cups light rum

2 bunches mint, or two big handfuls from your garden

5 limes, cut in chunky wedges

two-liter bottle club soda

Meyer’s dark rum to float

Once the simple syrup is cool, add the lime juice and rum to it in a pitcher to create the base. Pluck the leaves from the washed mint and bruise them with a molcajete or crush them with a spoon in each glass, a large pinch for each glass will do. Top the mint with 3 to 5 wedges of lime and fill the glass half way with the base mix. Top that with ice and club soda, and float a splash of dark rum on the top.

Enjoy responsibly ;)

Lynette La Mere, Pure Joy Catering, Executive Chef


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