Postcards From the old Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

One of the best bits of advice I got was to hire a private tour guide / translator for the first day in Tokyo. I’d never done that anywhere else, it felt kind of indulgent, but Japan is an incredibly, homogeneously foreign place. Ryoko met us in the lobby in the morning & off we went at an impressive clip. She helped us learn to navigate the transit systems - you buy the tickets in the top floor of a massive camera store - who’d of guessed?! Taking the subways and trains is insane, but absolutely mandatory, Tokyo’s huge and English is rare there, so a translator was a real plus. I also wanted to talk to chefs, I had so many questions at the fish market; it is the largest in the world, the knife makers, the kitchen tools, the curiosities are endless. Ryoko knew her stuff, and was happy to ask questions for us, we really enjoyed our day with her. She showed us many areas around town, answered questions all day, she was a very intelligent, educated and an enchanting host.

In Tsukiji Market, Bentomi is one of the insider top places to have sushi. We were advised to get there early, 7 a.m., and get in line, once they run out, they close the door, as they have for 60 years. Two and a half hour wait is not unusual, and yes, it’s worth the wait. The sahimi, nigiri, eel and the uni - like the foie gras of the sea - all of it was glorious, nothing like I’ve ever had before. Honestly I think that’s the best meal I’ve ever had in my life.

We went back to the Tsukiji several times, it was fascinating and there were so many delicious adventures to be had!


Lynette La Mere, Pure Joy Catering Executive Chef

Photo credit Lucas Oliver Oswald

Ahhhh Uni, photo by my Son, Lucas Oliver Oswald

Bentomi in Tsukiji Fish Market

Bentomi in Tsukiji Fish Market, photo by my Son, Lucas Oliver Oswald

Bentomi in Tsukiji Fish Market, photo by my Son, Lucas Oliver Oswald


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