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Pure Joy Teams up with SBC Food Rescue Program

"Dear Lynee,

You gifted Sarah House close to 200 lbs in love and kindness.

All of which came to us in different types of meats, veggies and dessert.

This year I believe besides the residents gaining weight (which we are always pleased about) so did the volunteers and staff.

Thank you for calling us as soon as you had something to give...

Thank you for your kindness, always to the staff that always return with a smile from your place.

Thank you for helping us feed the bellies and the souls of the many that have come to sit around our table!

Sarah House is all about extraordinary kindness, about hospitality and welcoming all to the bedside and the home...

Thank you for being such a wonderful partner in all of this.

With great gratitude to each of you,

Paloma and the Sarah House family"


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