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Green Efforts & Philanthropy

We get great joy from our philanthropic efforts.  I vividly recall being so excited to donate to the Wildlife Care Network for the first time, and now, nearly 20 years later, we’re happy to say we have increased our budget for donations and non-profit events every year we've been in business.


At Pure Joy we are strongly committed giving back to the local community and protecting the environment.

We currently recycle & compost 96% of our trash and were recently awarded a Green Star from the City. We are also a Santa Barbara Farmer's Market Certified Farm Friendly Dining provider because we source so much of our food locally.

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We are proud to be part of Santa Barbara County energy grids, which are some of the best in the country and now run with 17% renewable resources. Our new location is certified energy efficient and was built using many new green and renewable alternative products, a wonderful new green insulating product, bamboo, and as much recycled wood as possible. All the lighting is our building was upgraded to to be highly energy efficient. Staff carpooling is encouraged for each event we do. We filter our own water for the offices to eliminate the use of individual plastic water bottles, we do not use them on location either. Recycling and composting is practiced in our offices, kitchen and on location. Communication is done electronically to keep paper waste to a minimum, and we've added ecofont to a large portion of our material to cut ink use by 20%.

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All of the green waste from our kitchen and events goes to feed Eggie, and our rescue adoptees; Louie and Missy; three giant Sulcata tortoises that weigh about 120 pounds each!

Every week begins at Farmer's Market.

We use seasonal handpicked organic ingredients, and whenever possible, we make it a point to source them through purveyors who offer organic, local, and sustainably farmed foods. Our menus and decor florals are seasonal and local too.


The Pure Joy Team has started composting on location at every event we do.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!! All our compostable products; bamboo items, paper cocktail napkins, paper straws etc. are actually getting composted instead of going to the landfill. Although we strive to use reusables, single use items are inevitable at times. Through our composting and recycling we have a low impact on the environment, even with a large event. Plus, composting is fun too!

​To best process your event waste we encourage the partnership of Thomas at the Green Project Consultants as most venues do not offer composting yet.

Read more about our environmental & community efforts on our blog.

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