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Station Menus

Our station options are endless and ideal for larger guest counts. The menus below are just a starting point. Give us your vision and we’ll make it happen. 

Stations: Good Morning Sunshine
Good Morning Sunshine

Breakfast Stations

Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

organic local field ripened strawberry sauce, vanilla bean whipped fresh cream, and hot maple syrup butter

Local Berry Fruits

colorful organic berries, yogurt and granola layered in a champagne flute

Mason Jars of Greek Yogurt

farmer's market honey, berries and almonds


golden and delicious baked farmer's market egg, spinach, and gruyere

Lily's Eggs

with green chilies, cheddar


oven roasted red rose potatoes & bells

Crisped Maple Glazed Bacon

kevin costner's favorite

Scratch Made Quiche

mushroom gruyere & butter sautéed scallions baby spinach tomato & feta caramelized onion zucchini & cheddar bacon or ham can be added as you choose

Chicken Sausage

house crafted patties with green apples and fresh sage


fresh baked, devonshire cream & pj organic strawberry jam

Apple Struddle

local apples & buttery pastry goodness

Maple Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

flaky fresh baked pecan cinnamon rolls (can be gluten free)

Local Organic Fruit

bountiful fresh local fruit & berry platters

Santa Barbara Citrus

colorful local organic citrus slices with honey lime zest

Omelette Station

lily’s local pasture eggs, mushrooms, crisp bacon, ham, cheddar & chili jack, chives, sauteed onions, roasted chilies, artichokes, tomatoes and spinach ~ as you choose

Smash Bowl Breakie Bar 

organic local greens, tiny potatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon, house made turkey apple sausage, 5&7 minute lily's eggs, flake salt, aleppo pepper, chèvre, ricotta, fresh herbs, salsa and brava sauce

Breakfast Burrito / Bowl Bar

charred local organic baby broccoli, caramelized onions, heirloom cherry toms, zucchini, cheddar, turkey sausage, scrambled lily's eggs, potato and fresh salsas

Crème Brûléed Oatmeal Station Rocks the House!

luscious ramekins of oatmeal crème with orange zest and toasted almonds

Stations: First Impressins
First Impressions

Appetizer Stations

Bountiful Cheese Table

international cheeses, goat cheese torte, bouquets of handmade bread sticks, baguettes & ciabatta, crackers, gluten free options, quince paste, local dried fruit, toasted pecans, citrus & fennel marinated olives, estate urns of fragrant pears, grapes, apples and berries

Farmer’s Market Grazing Table

experience a gorgeous array of deliciousness from the santa barbara farmer’s market, one of the best on earth, without having to carry anything! chef's pick of organic fruits & berries, breads, honey, organic house made cognac fig jam & dried fruits, bread sticks, drakes family farm & other local artisan cheeses

Cheese Fondue

melted imported cheeses, brandy & nutmeg with sliced baguettes, endive spears, broccoli & cauliflower

Baked Brie

warm with cranberry & caramelized onion filling deliciously surrounded by multi grain & classic baguette slices

Organic Crudite

assortment of stout glass “bouquets” present flavorful, unique farmer's market crudities with colorful house crafted dips; roasted red pepper, beet & greek skordalia dip

Local Organic Bruscheteria

tutti frutti farms chopped heirloom tomato bruschetta, garlic, basil, toasted baguette slices, cheese torte of sun dried tomato, roasted red pepper, pesto and pure joy olive tapenade (can be chef manned & grilled at the station, venue & budget permitting)

Mediterranean Mezze

appetizing display of scratch-made; hummus, baba ghanoush, walnut & roasted pepper muhammara dip, toasted pita points, organic carrot chips, citrus & fennel marinated olives, dates, local fruit, fragrant herbs, party dressed feta, pistachios & urns of beautiful tangerines, grapes 
optional add-on: grilled mediterranean chicken skewers option + 5.       

Turmeric & Saffron Table           

kolokithokeftedes; zucchini & greek cheese fritters, saffron tzatziki, kashk o' badenjam (warm delicious eggplant spread), labna (yoghurt cheese), hummus, toasted pita points, flat bread, figs, dates, pistachios, urns of beautiful tangerines and grapes

Cha Cha Cha!

local farm fresh pure joy guacamole and salsas; roasted, fresca, tomatillo verde, corn chips & jicama

Local Organic Avocado Bar 

split avocados, colorful fresh made salsas, corn relish, cilantro, crumbled cotija, crisp bacon, radishes & heirloom beans

Cha Cha Chips & Queso

chef makes fresh corn chips & quesadillas at the station, local farm fresh guacamole, salsas; roasted, fresca, tomatillo verde & jicama, shredded chicken and caramelized onion quesadillas, fire roasted green chili, caramelized onions and jack cheese quesadillas

Local Organic Avocado Crostini Bar 

avocado on toasted crostini with a beautiful array of toppings including colorful heirloom cherry toms, corn relish, radishes, arugula micro greens, reduced balsamic, crumbled bacon, reduced balsamic and maldon salt

Flatbread Station

variety of artisan thin crust flatbreads topped with local organic veggies, virgin olive oil, basil pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella & a handful of baby arugula

Hot Wild Baby Polenta Station (GF

station made hot creamy parmesan polenta onto rectangular plates presented, topped with local organic veggies, basil pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella  is chef torched & finished with a handful of organic wild baby arugula

Chips and Dip Station

old school potato sacks filled with crisp fresh potato chips, ranch, caramelized onion dip, chipotle dip, blue cheese & chive dip

One World Nachos Station

chef making fresh lotus chips at the station with deeply moroccan spiced pork grilled there at the station as well, topped with a drizzle of creamy greek style yogurt sauce served on small plates

Nat-Cho Average Station

chef making fresh hot corn chips & toppings at the station, local farm fresh guacamole / salsas; roasted, fresca, tomatillo verde, jalapenos, sour cream & hot real cheddar cheese sauce

Chef Manned Ceviche Station 

chef prepares local seafood ceviche using event day’s fresh catch deliciously tossed with fresh lime juice & presented in cosmo glasses with corn chip garnish

Chef Carved Whole Seared Ahi Loin Station

marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic and cracked black pepper, marked off on the grill with fresh tomato, cucumber, lime, tomato ginger chutney jam, lime cilantro remoulade, stone ground mustard & cracked lavosh

Sushi Cubicles

chef made fresh salmon, yellowtail & ahi nigiri artistically displayed on a tall bookcase with ginger & wasabi, square ramekins of soy sauce

Antipasto Table 

al fresco display of charcuterie, international cheeses, artichoke hearts, local organic heirloom tomato bruschetta, toasted & sliced virgin olive oil brushed baguettes, grilled veggies, marinated olives, tall layered savory tortes, caponata, pepperoncini, carrots, celery sticks, GF, ciabatta & handmade bread sticks

Comfort Food Station

delicious miniature comfort bites; ramekins of gruyere & white cheddar scratch made mac & Cheese, cocktail hamburgers with all the trimmings,  buttermilk fried chicken drumettes and ranch

Cocktail Sandwich Carving Station      

grilled fresh on site & chef manned; pulled pork and grilled chicken, bbq sauce, chipotle mayonnaise, pickled red onions, fresh ciabatta rolls

Live Mermaid Station

a beautiful mermaid lounges above a spectacular seafood station offering icy fresh tid bits from the sea, list menu here

Raw Raw Raw

beautiful ponzu scallop shooters presented in the shell, iced jumbo shrimp, spicy pink cocktail sauce, freshly shucked oysters, ginger mignonette, sesame chili sauce and sake lime sauces all presented in a massive lucite table top of crushed ice

Sesame Crusted Salmon Small Plates Station

mild asian ginger wasabi sauce & sticky rice

Champagne & Caviar Station

variety of iced champagnes, buckwheat blinis, lemon crème fraiche, smoked salmon, american wild caviar made at the station and presented vintage silver service

Stations: Dinner Stations
The Main Event

Entree Dinner Stations

Monochromatic Veggies

beautifully displayed sweet local organic farmer's market veggies, grilled and roasted, selections will vary through the seasons

Salad "Bar"

farmers market seasonal selection of crudite, yummy dips and salads on ladder shelves presented in cosmos, old fashioned glasses or mason jars with twisted bread swizzle sticks

Salad Station

local greens, farmer’s market strawberries & balsamic vinaigrette  / caesar salad; grandpas garlic butter croutons, incredible dressing, aged parmesan and a meyers lemon squeeze / butter lettuce with pears, toasted walnuts and walnut vinaigrette

Farmer's Market Salad Station

lush colorful organic market lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, petals, grated root veggies, sprouts and micro greens, as you choose;  chef tossed to order with a selection of house crafted dressings / garlic butter croutons & toasted pumpkin seeds

Potato & Sweet Potato Mash Bar

old school turkey pan gravy, three hour braised beef bourguignon & every imaginable topping

Mac Daddy

interactive, chef manned station; macaroni baked with gruyere, white cheddar & a variety of additions; truffle, market tomatoes, roasted jalapeno chilies, artichoke hearts, turkey sausage, tri colored bell peppers with a torched crisp buttery topping for the finale....really

Wok Station

chef s toss fried rice, colorful stir fry veggies, garlic, fresh ginger, cilantro, mung bean sprouts, tofu, shrimp in sizzling woks

Chef Manned Pasta Station

imported pastas & GF pasta, with fresh made sauces; pesto, garden marinara, parmigiana alfredo, fresh spinach, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, parmesan, kalamata olives, zucchini & toasted pine nuts 
(additional options; portobello mushroom raviolis, puttanesca, sautéed shrimp, handmade meatballs, grilled chicken, giant imported parmigiano reggiano wheel)    

Chef Manned Fresh Fry Station 

hand cut russet fries, sweet potato fries & truffle french fries with classic ketchup, bob's blue cheese, balsamic spicy ketchup, ranch

Chef Manned Risotto Station

chefs stir hot mushroom and local herb risotto into two giant imported parmigiano reggiano wheels & serves up this fragrant mix of freshly shaved parmesan and risotto straight to your guests

Messy Sexy Veggie Station

chef presents small plates of colorful, savory swishes; red ginger curried fouettées or spicy peanut sauce and guests choose local organic veggies & greens grilled there at the station with cotija, buttery toasted farofa, virgin oil herb drizzle or pickled golden raisins to top

Tuscan Station

chef stir hot risotto into giant imported parmigiano reggiano wheel; butter sautéed mushrooms, slivered sun-dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, parmesan & fresh herbs / local organic caprese salad; burrata, heirloom tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and basil on arugula

Fire Grilled & Chef Carved

mesquite grilled juicy, rosemary, lemon & olive oil chickens / medium rare tri tip of beef with fresh chimichurri

Brazilian BBQ

chef manned brazilian oak fire rotisserie grill; meats carved from grill swords on to garlic mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped chicken, whole new york, outstanding baby back pork ribs, brazilian salsa, chimichurri & butter toasted farofa

Pasture to Plate

a delectable mix of local watkin's ranch pasture raised beef cuts grilled over an open oak fire / chimichurri & butter toasted farofa

Drum Grill Station

hot off the grill with house crafted sauces; parmesan rosemary polenta triangles with parm & truffle oil, tender garlic chicken & salmon skewers / cucumber dill sauce, sizzing saigon & chimichurri

Taco Station with Freshly Handmade & Grilled Tortillas

sizzling beef carnitas, tomatillo chicken, cheeses, fresh cilantro, tomatoes, roasted, verde and salsa fresca, shredded cabbage, radishes, sour cream.  options; mushroom & leeks / tofu chorizo & potato / sriracha honey pork / baja fish / grilled cobia / grilled shrimp / beer braised pork belly / guacamole

Sandwich Carving Station

grilled fresh on site & chef manned; pulled pork and grilled chicken
bbq sauce, chipotle mayonnaise, pickled red onions, fresh ciabatta rolls

Pulled Pork & Biscuits

chef fills fresh baked buttermilk biscuits with tender, slow roasted shredded pork & bbq sauce / napa slaw

Slider Station

chef serving up sliders hot off the grill; juicy beef, turkey and veggie burgers, cheddar cheese, chili jack, crisp bacon, heirloom tomatoes, arugula, farmer's market lettuces, caramelized red onions, chipotle mayo, garlic aioli and country mustard

Grilled Cheese Please

chef grilled to order cheese sandwiches; assortment of gourmet cheeses, breads, and fresh farmer’s market additions including tomatoes, caramelized onions, spinach, pesto, turkey and prosciutto

Sushi Cubicles

chef made fresh salmon, yellowtail & ahi nigiri artistically displayed on a tall bookcase with ginger & wasabi, square ramekins of soy sauce

Indian Station   

jasmine coconut rice / black lentil dal / aloo gobi; curried cauliflower & golden potatoes / chicken tika masala

Burgundy Station

beef bourguignon; tender beef, mushrooms, pearl onions and a deeply flavored red wine sauce / crusty baguettes

Far East Station

drum grills present coconut curry marinated chicken satays with a 
mongolian dip / fresh made pad thai in mini take out boxes / crisp braised short rib egg rolls with sizzling saigon dip

Oh, Hi There!

Looks like you've made it to the bottom of the stations menu. By now you're probably hungry and thinking about your spectacular event. Let's bring your exceptional experience to life.

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