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Founding Executive Chef, Owner

Lynette La Mere, the PJC Executive Chef, Owner, and Relentless Culinary Explorer with over forty years of experience in the culinary arts, specifically as an off-premise catering specialist, has done thousands of events. Lynette started this business as a single mom with custody of two very fine young boys. She has contagious passion and energy, and after many years of 20-hour days, she's proud to tell you that her company of people & her sons continues to thrive.

Our Core Team Leaders

Senior Event Specialist

Patrick Ward is a lovable delight! His contagious enthusiasm for events is legendary. He's a master of taking someone's vision and helping them create a truly memorable experience. After thousands of special events, he has the experience to really help make dreams come to life. He genuinely cares about the clients and what they want. As our Senior Event Specialist, he'll provide you with top-notch advice and seamless service.


Executive Chef

Marguerite grew up outside of Paris, France. She credits her painter father for instilling her love of the culinary arts. After attending culinary school at August Escoffier, she decided to take advantage of her dual citizenship, and moved to the United States in 2015. After some years as a sous chef in Florida, she was drawn to Santa Barbara, mostly due to our region's incredible produce. Marguerite has been a wonderful addition to the Pure Joy team. We benefit greatly from her strong palette,  leadership skills, and passion for simple food cooked perfectly. You can catch Marguerite shopping at the Saturday farmers market, leading our prep team at our headquarters, killing it in the kitchen at events, or drawing on her days off.


V.P. "Viking Princess"

Liz is such a lovable genius. She's the wizard behind the curtain who takes care of the myriad of details entailed in executing Pure Joy's large complex off-premise special events. Unlike most catering companies, we go through every detail with a fine tooth comb, from the proposal stage to the final plans and that's where Liz shines. After years of event planning and sales, she was so good at making sure everything was perfect, we put her in charge of Pure Perfection and that really is her magical power.

Hospitality Hero

In Loving Memory:  September 14, 1992 - February 24, 2024

Dane is one of those employees who puts his heart and soul into the entirety of his work. If he says he's going to do something, you know you can have complete and utter trust in him. He comes through for the rest of his team when needed and he can lead the pack unlike any other. This season, I would say Dane wins MVP! He packs the vans, drives them to and from the events, tends the bar, works as waitstaff, supervises events and jumps in wherever he's needed. He's a fantastic person with a stellar attitude and we're so lucky to have him be a part of the Pure Joy team.


Prep & Event Chef

Adriana was born and raised in Santa Barbara with her four brothers. She was brought up by her inspiring single mom, who she grew up watching cook amazing food for her family every day. Adriana knew that she wanted to cook professionally from childhood, went immediately into culinary school after graduating high school, and has no doubts about the career path that she is so passionate about. After spending time at Santa Barbara institutions like The Shop, Teddy’s by the Sea, and the Rosewood, Adriana started her work at Pure Joy in 2021. She loves the contrast between catering and her previous restaurant work, and one of her favorite things about being an event chef is strategizing how to set up her kitchen and produce incredible food for someone’s “best day ever”. Her coworkers love her passion for learning new things and her sense of humor, and she is often one of our monthly employee MVPs. When Adriana isn’t working, you’ll find her enjoying family time with her husband and two kids.

Business & Marketing Manager

It is such an honor for us to have Shayna on the team! She is so enthusiastic and naturally full of joy and passion for the business, she's a rare & precious leader. Shayna is super organized, efficient, and just brilliant! She has a phenomenally successful history in the industry and was born and raised here. At Pure Joy Catering, we are constantly evolving and changing, and growing - which fits Shayna's make-up to a "T". Her contagious can-do attitude and her open, team player charisma is a great lead for the management team too. It is a gift to have this fabulous lady with us making the Joy happen.


Prep & Event Chef

Stephanye's remarkable culinary journey, rooted in her education at a prestigious culinary school in Mexico and skillfully refined in the kitchens of Santa Barbara's Four Seasons and The Lark, showcases her exceptional blend of traditional expertise and innovative culinary approaches. She joined Pure Joy in 2023 and has been flourishing ever since. We are incredibly fortunate to have Steph on our team; her contagious positivity, unwavering commitment to excellence in food and service, and her ability to inspire those around her make her an invaluable asset. Behind her success is the steadfast support of her life partner, Nazly, and her loving family, whose encouragement has been instrumental in her professional and personal development. 

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Are you interested in joining Pure Joy? 


We're continually on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our team and become Hospitality Heroes for our beautiful off-premise events as part of either the kitchen or service teams.


Picture yourself working in stunning venues, collaborating with a dynamic team, and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.


We value teamwork, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

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