Our Core Team

Senior Event Planner

Patrick Ward is a lovable delight! His contagious enthusiasm for events is legendary. He's a master of taking someone's vision and helping them create a truly memorable experience. After thousands of special events he has the experience to really help make dreams come to life. He genuinely cares about the clients and what they want. As our Senior Event Planner, he'll provide you with top notch advice and seamless service. 



Event Planner

Ellen just “gets it”, with her clients, the Management Team and with her colleagues. She has this very rare intellect, genuine, sincere passion and intuition. She's honest, fair and acts with incredible honor; she has a big heart too and all this adds up to a really beautiful person who we are deeply fortunate to call part of the Pure Joy Family. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, she knows this town inside and out. Ellen develops beautiful relationships with her clients and that results in absolutely flawless events.



Production Manager

Liz is such a lovable genius. She's the wizard behind the curtain who takes care of the myriad of details entailed in executing Pure Joy's large complex off-premise special events. Unlike most catering companies, we go through every detail with a fine tooth comb, from the proposal stage to the final plans and that's where Liz shines. After years of event planning and sales, she was so good at making sure everything was perfect, we put her in charge of Pure Perfection and that really is her magical power. 


jerry wilson.jpg

Head Chef

Jerry Wilson is a master at culinary production; all the while being so casual about his art - we've never come across another Chef that could do what he does with such seamless, effortless skill, success, passion, integrity and joy. Jerry is a phenomenon and an honor to work with. You'll find him bustling in our kitchen at Pure Joy and working events, creating beautiful food for our clients.

Sous Chef

Manny Medina is a man of rare quality! He has such integrity and heart. He is an outstanding chef who can create art with food, lead a crew to turn out 300 hot plates in less than 18 minutes with delicious, perfect, fresh cooked on-site food - out of a tent with no kitchen most of the time. Manny is a champion who exudes passion and honor and we are so fortunate to have him in the Pure Joy Family.


Are you interested in joining Pure Joy? 


We are always looking for more Hospitality Heroes to work our beautiful off-premise events.

Production & Design

Dane is one of those employees who puts his heart and soul into the entirety of his work. If he says he's going to do something, you know you can have complete and utter trust in him. He comes through for the rest of his team when needed and he can lead the pack unlike any other. This season, I would say Dane wins MVP! He packs the vans, drives them to and from the events, tends the bar, works as waitstaff, supervises events and jumps in wherever he's needed. He's a fantastic person with a stellar attitude and we're so lucky to have him be a part of the Pure Joy team.

Friendly farmers 016.jpg

Executive Chef, Owner

Lynette La Mere, the PJC Executive Chef, Owner, and Relentless Culinary Explorer with over forty years of experience in the culinary arts, specifically as an off-premise catering specialist, has done thousands of events. Lynette started this business as a single mom with custody of two very fine young boys. She has contagious passion and energy, and after many years of 20-hour days, she's proud to tell you that her company of people & her sons continues to thrive.


Bookkeeper aka Bean Counter

Amy Vigilante is an absolute joy. Her witty sense of humor, carefree lifestyle, precision, on target, on time bookkeeping and her positive attitude is the perfect addition to the Pure Joy headquarters. Her laugh is incredibly contagious! She is absolutely the best bean counter Pure Joy has ever had.

amy with her bean counter.jpg

Production & Design

Adam Vaughn exudes the Pure Joy moral code of Strength, Honor, Integrity and Gratitude. He is a powerhouse of those qualities all wrapped up with a giant, genuine smile; he will absolutely remind you of Cool Hand Luke! He brings a peaceful centered energy and leadership style that we are all so very grateful for. When he's not designing food stations, and prepping for events, you'll find him helping out in the kitchen or supervising events.

Chef de Cuisine

Carter is the heart of Pure Joy. The man just brings in all; pure love, pure talent, pure genuine enthusiasm for the craft of the culinary arts, and the big scale spectacular entertaining Pure Joy does is his jam.


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