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Pure Joy Food is Sexy, Pure & Authentic

Your unique menu will be created by hand, using yummy local ingredients, and made exactly the way you want it. We love making our clients happy and that contagious passion is evident in everything we do. 

We only do off-premise events and we have it down to an art. By making everything from scratch we are able to keep our prices very reasonable and will make the best food you've ever had at a catered event.

Sample Menus


First Impressions

Whoever said that "love is food for the soul" has never witnessed a group of hungry humans at a wedding reception where there's not a bite in sight.


Love may be in the air but guests will be looking for something palpable on their plates more than anything else. The fact is food & drink hold a prime place at any event, whether it's a plated dinner, a cocktail party, or a back yard bash. An ample supply will set the tone, bring people together and fuel their bodies for dancing into the wee hours. 

Main Event


Roots, Stems & Petals


Gluten Free

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