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15 Delicious Pure Joy Catering Recipes

Feeding folks, recipes and entertaining. It’s what Pure Joy Catering does best. Periodically we post delicious tried and true recipes to share with the world. Sometimes, we post because a bride or groom is just dying to recreate the delicious food we made for their event, other times, Executive Chef, Lynette La Mere, travels the world to learn about yummy, culture specific foods and just wants to share her brilliant recipes.

Whatever the reason, the recipes are darn delicious. We figured we would create a compilation of 15 yummy recipes for you to keep in your back pocket. Links will take you to the full recipe.


(Note, there is no rhyme or reason to this list; it’s like the lottery except every recipe is a winner here)

MEYER LEMON & RIPE FIG JAM | Fig lovers are not as common as we intend and but this recipe is constantly converting friends and clients.

FIJIAN KOKODA | Recipe from Likuliku. This is south pacific style ceviche; if you like ceviche and coconut milk you will adore this simple Fijian style fish preparation. Tortilla chips, taro or plantain chips go super well with it.

SWEET HOT CHILI SAUCE | Recipe from Matangi. Good on literally anything, Island ketchup. Yes, you need a kitchen scale, yes, if you don’t have one yet, you will use it and be glad you have it.

AOIBHEANN BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING | A rich luscious concoction with chocolate & brandy, perfect for the holidays or a sumptuous Sunday.

SHERRY SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE | Add some vibrant colors to your holiday feast with this rich Sherry Sweet Potato Souffle from Pure Joy Catering.

PERFECT KEY LIME PIE | Here’s a very delicious, simple recipe; the Perfect Key Lime Pie. It’s also good with other citrus if you’re a rule breaker ;)

ROTI | Recipe from Matangi. Indo Fijian flatbread, much like a flour tortilla. Super easy to make & delicious.

PASSION FOR PASSION FRUIT CUPCAKES | A dear friend of mine grows passion fruit in her garden and asked me to help her make passion fruit cupcakes, and the results were fantastic.

COCO FOR COCONUT RICE | This rice goes very well - although arguably unconventionally - with Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and even South American Food.

LEMON BRAISED FENNEL | It’s fork-tender, savory, extremely low fat, deliciously lemony and super simple to make. It’s happy made ahead & served al fresco too, even the next day.

WATERMELON & PISTACHIO CRUSTED GOAT CHEESE SALAD | A salad that is delicious, quick, easy is quintessential summer fare!

TOMATO, CARAMELIZED ONION & GOAT CHEESE TART WITH PARMIGIANA PEPPER CRUST | this dish delivers sublime satisfaction with the colorful heirloom tomatoes of Santa Barbara, all those glorious colors are a delight and it's simple to put together.

BOURBON & BEANS | This cocktail is espresso & bourbon - a classy, original play on the red bull concoctions made in bars.

MACARONI & BAY SCALLOPS WITH GRUYERE & CHEDDAR | Oh yea! Grown up mac & cheese; yes! You can have gooey and sophisticated at the same time and it’s oh so lovely.

THE CURRIED CHEESE TORTE | This torte is a host’s dream because you must make it in advance & it holds well, serves lots of happy, gobbling guests and its a breeze to make.


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