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Classic Rock Themed Dessert Station; Donuts

Making your menu personal is a great way to show off at your event. Not only is it unique to your event, it’s something your guests will be talking about for years. We had the opportunity to be a part of a fun Classic Rock themed event put on by Wildheart Events called The Jam. We took your favorite pastry and put a Classic Rock twist for the most fun dessert action station. This is the season for creativity, just let us know what you love and we will handle it from there… Here’s what we served:

“Thank you Very much…” – use your best Elvis voice Banana Glazed with Bacon & Crushed Peanuts 

 “Rock Your Nuts Off” *Nutella with crushed Pretzels

 “Whole Lotta Love” *Raspberry Glazed with Glitter Hearts 

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