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Did you Know Pure Joy is One of The Leading Caterers of America?

leading caterers of america

Since the inception of the LCA, originally “Top Guns”, Pure Joy Catering has been an invited member of this elite, award-winning group of top catering professionals.


Leading Caterers of America is an invitation only peer evaluated membership group of the top caterers in the United States and Canada. Founded in 2007, and currently comprised of just 55 companies, LCA members adhere to the highest standards of excellence in catering and hospitality.

Catering industry organization Catersource has acknowledged these companies as the leaders in their markets and trendsetters in the industry. Through proven creativity and best business practices, they have risen to the top of their markets by consistently delivering superior results for their clients and guests.


For us, LCA has become like a big family. We meet twice a year and are in touch throughout the year as well sharing ideas, recipes and strategies for every aspect of the very unique business of catering. I originally attended the Catersource Convention for the first time in the spring in 2000. I’ve continued to attend every year since, as have many of my staff, and we have built the company by taking those classes and learning from the masters of the industry. Michael Roman, the founder, was an incredible resource for me and I was very fortunate to get to know him well. He and Carl Sacks, who now runs LCA, came to Santa Barbara several times to advise and consult me as the company grew. Now that Michael is gone, his words, his laugh, his passion for the industry, and his books are all precious to me. I can still hear what he would say, just like my grandfather.

In 2007 they invited me to join this group of the best caterers in the country. It has been an indescribable experience to have this information resource and the friendships that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Their advice & knowledge has made everything we do possible.

The Leading Caterers’ Mission:

Leading Caterers of America offers the assurance of an exceptional catered event, no matter which member company is serving, and no matter what the size and type of event. With the commitment to excellence and accountability of a national brand, Leading Caterers of America provides the local knowledge, experience and sensitivity required for each catered function. The Leading Caterers of America marque stands for excellence in the entire event experience.

Lynette La Mere, Pure Joy Catering Owner & Executive Chef


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