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Engagement Ring Trends

I’m a foodie and a jeweler. I love the little tasty bites that Lynette and Pure Joy Catering are constantly coming up with to surprise me. I hope this engagement ring eye candy inspires you to create a unique and tasty looking engagement ring for your honey.

So you’re ready to tie the knot, but first you need the perfect engagement ring. This can be a tricky process! One of the hardest parts about choosing an engagement ring is finding a style that’s unique and personal but still tasteful and elegant.

Use this list of popular engagement ring styles to identify the features you’d love to include in your own ring. You can then mix, match, and personalize the designs until you’ve got just the right ring!

Rose Gold

Also known as “red gold” or “pink gold,” rose gold is a beautiful alloy that can give your engagement ring a lovely touch of warmth.

While many people design rings entirely in rose gold, I think it really shines when used as an accent color. Rings designed in white gold are beautifully enhanced with the addition of rose gold. Rose gold is more malleable and heat sensitive than yellow and white gold. This means that using it as an accent to these sturdier metals can allow you to have a great ring that requires less maintenance than  one of pure rose gold.

Halos and Mixed Metal Halos

Are you proposing to an angel? Get her a halo ring to compliment the halo above her head.

A halo on your engagement ring can create a beautiful frame for the center gemstone. Regardless of the shape of your center gem, encircling it with a mixed metal halo will draw people’s eyes to finer details of your ring.

Colorful Center Gemstone Choices

A brightly colored gem can make for a beautiful centerpiece in your engagement ring.

Pink and yellow diamonds, bold blue sapphires, and bright red rubies are all great options for flashy center gems. Find a gem in her favorite color, or choose one that matches the color

of her eyes. Just make sure that it is one of the sturdy colored gemstones.

Vintage Styles

Is thine lady enticed by designs of olde? Surprise her with a vintage style engagement ring.

Victorian, Art Deco, and Edwardian Era designs are particularly popular. Today’s technology applied to yesterday’s designs allows for beautiful, durable engagement rings that will stand the test of time while looking romantic and unique.

Split Shank

Using a split shank can give your engagement ring an edgy, architectural look.

A split shank can widen the look of your ring which allows for an open looking taper. The split shank taper creates an airy feminine look. Whether you choose to fill the split with gems or leave it open, it’s sure to give your ring a unique and beautiful look.

Hand Engraving

Machine engraving is great for precision and inscription engraving inside your ring, but hand engraving is ideal for unique designs that can’t be replicated on the exterior of your ring.

Having a ring hand engraved gives you more options for personalized designs. Engrave her engagement ring with a design theme she loves.

Special Side-View Looks

Does your bride-to-be have an eye for details? Impress her with a ring that’s eye catching from all perspectives!

Many people are so concerned with how their ring will look from the top view that they forget to specify the details for the side view. Whether you choose a simple or an elaborate design, a ring created with the side-view in mind will look beautiful from all angles.

Find your favorite look and dive into the details happily.

 Guest Blogger: Calla Gold

Calla Gold, owner of Calla Gold Jewelry, is a Santa Barbara, CA based jeweler. Calla has been a “Jeweler without Walls” since 1983.  Specializing in custom design, wedding rings, jewelry restoration and re-purposing, she helps her clients select jewelry that fits their distinct lifestyle, career, face and body shapes.

She is also an avid jewelry blogger at her blog Jewelry Without Walls. 


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