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Forever a Classic Cocktail; The Gin Rickey

Great Gatsby style gently fizzing, summery concoction of gin, lime and soda. The name “rickey” stretches back far beyond the Jazz Age – the cocktail may owe its moniker to a 19th century army man, Colonel Joe Rickey, who liked his with bourbon – but the gin version was a Prohibition staple. It’s often claimed to have been the favorite drink of Fitzgerald, and is one of only two cocktails to be mentioned by name in the book. The drink appears in a scene set on a boiling summer’s day, when Daisy orders her husband Tom to “make us a cold drink” – using his absence to murmur to Gatsby of her love for him. When Tom returns, he carries “four gin rickeys that clicked full of ice. Gatsby took up his drink. ‘They certainly look cool,’ he said with visible tension. We drank in long, greedy swallows”.

Resent pick at a local celeb wedding we just catered and the well heeled crowd was very happy with it, kudos to a very tasteful Mother of the Bride. It’s a super refreshing, rather outstanding alternative to a G&T, no sugar too. We like. A lot. Give us a call and we’ll make some for you :)            

Start with ice cubes in a glass, and squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Add around 60ml of gin, and top with club soda. Rub the lime wedge around the rim, then drop into the glass.


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