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Glam Greenhouse Wedding

You’re bound to be green with envy at this gorgeous and glam greenhouse wedding. These cool kids have done up their wedding right and were setting 2018 wedding trends last season. Many of their wedding choices have been predicted to be must haves this year and are a must see for what’s in store. Let’s count some of the trends…

1. Hanging Flora is all the rage this season. You’ll notice hanging flowers and greenery will be integrated into wedding spaces to create floor to ceiling wow factors. The hanging ferns make this particular wedding reception a bit extra without being over the top. They integrated greenery above while giving the lower levels pops of color.

2. Low Centerpieces of rich color are a perfect accompaniment to the hanging ferns. Low centerpieces are a great way to jazz up your tables and keep interactions between family and friends practical. It opens conversation and keeps the good times rolling since your guests don’t have to bob and weave to see the person across from them.

3. Rich Colors such as burgundy and apricot will warm up your evening. Saturated colors are taking over pastels this season and you’ll see them in flowers, linens and tableware. The bride and groom’s blue colored water glasses for their guests are a perfect use of integrating color into your table set ups.

4. Au Naturale instead of glitz and glam. Brides now days want to actually look like themselves on their wedding day. This beautiful bride wore natural makeup, had a loose down-do and a wedding dress that was comfortable yet flattering all at the same time.

5. Geometric Shapes are taking shape all over. This bride & groom got married in a gorgeous greenhouse which is a geometric shape all of it’s own. They also used geometric shaped decor to keep things interesting. They threw out the regular round serving plates and substituted square ones to maintain interesting lines to compliment the multitude of natural elements throughout.

6. Themed Food that represents the couple and the evening are popping up everywhere. Stations that reflect the couple are totally in right now and themed food makes choosing your wedding menu fun. This couple chose Late Night “Stayin’ Alive” Disco Snacks to coincide with their “Silent Disco” headphones. Many venues have noise curfews so these headphones are a perfect way to keep the party going. We served disco shaped cake pops to keep the guests energized while tapping into the disco theme perfectly.

7. Lighting up the Night with impeccably placed string lights gives the evening that perfect fairy tale touch. Once night falls, it’s important to keep all those lovely details highlighted in just the right way. Spark Creative Events creates pure magic and will light your night in such a dreamy way.

There are so many wedding trends we’re excited to see this upcoming season, but so far, this wedding takes the cake. Catering to this bride & groom and their guests was beyond joyful for us and it was so much fun to help make their wedding dream become a reality.

The wedding professionals that made this dream wedding a reality are unbelievably talented! Here they are:

Venue: Orchid Ranch

Coordinator: Ann Johnson Events

Gettin hitched? We would love to help, just give us a call. 805-963-5766


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