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Happiness in Every Bite: Autumn's Comfort Dessert Delights

As the air takes on a brisk, invigorating quality, fall beckons us to embrace the flavors of the upcoming season. There's no better way to celebrate this season's bountiful harvest than with our favorite comfort dessert delights. Sourcing the best of the season from the local Farmer's Markets, there is no better time to throw out the scale in your bathroom, loosen a belt loop, and indulge in the comforting dessert stations that shine this time of year. So break out your pumpkin spice lattes and savor the sweet satisfaction of the autumn flavors.

What could be simpler yet more satisfying than apples and caramel? We stepped it up a few notches with warm caramel fondue, toasted almonds, ripe autumn fruits, and apples and pears.

Apples & Pears are great for decoration or paired with hot spiced cider

The result is a symphony of tastes and textures to make your taste buds dance joyfully. The warm and comforting notes of caramel, the crispness of the fruits, and the nutty goodness of the almonds all combine to create a dessert that encapsulates the essence of fall.

Prefer the traditional Caramel Apples, we can do that too!

Fall makes us crave warm tattered plaid blankets, pull up the chair next to your favorite fire pit and blacken your marshmallow to crispy gooey goodness.

The S'more Station can be adapted for indoor dining

The Way S'more station is perfect this time of year and includes drum grills with beautiful mixed glass containers of milk and white and dark chocolate bars. Toppings such as mint, raspberries, and mocha add to the yumminess of our homemade marshmallows and graham crackers.

If you're a pie lover, the Farm Table Pie Station is a dream come true. This rustic and charming display is perfect for fall events, whether it's a wedding, a corporate gathering, or a cozy family reunion.

The pies are delicately served in our handmade flaky crusts, beautifully displayed on 4-tier stands, and of course, served with vanilla ice cream.

The highlight of the Farm Table Pie Station is the selection of handcrafted pies where you have the delightful dilemma of choosing from a variety of tempting flavors, including local apple, peach, berry, key lime, coconut cream, banoffee, pecan, and old-fashioned cheesecake with sour cream topping.

As we embrace autumn's comfort desserts, one thing is abundantly clear: sweet fall indulgences are a celebration of the season and we are ecstatic for its return. The cozy flavors, the warmth, and the sheer pleasure that comfort desserts bring cannot be overstated. They are a reflection of the simple joys that autumn offers.

Written by Shayna Cogan


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