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Hottest Specialty Cocktail in the West

Swirling the Smoked Cocktail

Swirling the Smoked Cocktail

Don’t worry folks, chaps are optional for this Smoking Gun! This cocktail recipe is dangerously delicious and easy to boot. We aim to please and know the guests at your next dinner party will gladly jump on this Smoking Gun bandwagon.

If you don’t happen to have a “smoking gun” handy, you can easily purchase one off Amazon. It’s simple to use and you can do so much more than just smoking whiskey and cocktails.


Makes 8 Servings

16 fl oz - Whiskey

2 fl oz - Maple Syrup

2 fl oz - Cointreau

0.5 fl oz - Bitters

You can choose to pre-smoke the whiskey, but this step is not necessary. Fill the decanter with liquid contents above. Then fill decanter with smoke, seal the top with a ball stopper. Swirl. Pour the smoking contents into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Enjoy your Smoked Whiskey Cocktail.

Disclaimer: Do not use the decanter again for wine as it will smell of smoke. We recommend having a designated decanter for all your smoking cocktail needs.

That cocktail is Smokin!

Pour over ice and enjoy


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