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Meet the Joy Maker : Adam Vaughn

Name: Adam Vaughn

Title: Operations Manager

How long have you been with PJC?  Since the Summer of 2004

Describe your role with Pure Joy and how does your position make PJC a better company?

I am a core management team member, I'm in charge of event design and operations; How the stations function on location, what they look like & need, maintaining the event style throughout the look of the entire event, I also manage Staff Teams and Supervise events. My position is flexible but comes with a lot of responsibility. Particularly on site, I try to lead by example and always go the extra mile. I constantly strive to be better and contribute to the good of the team.

What’s your favorite part about working for Pure Joy?

Every week is different and full of interesting and unique people. 

What’s your one moment of glory since you’ve been working for PJC?

On my 22nd birthday I worked at one of our events as a “merman” for the party entertainment. I sat back, enjoyed the event from my merman perch and was fed lobster all afternoon. Let’s just say, it wasn’t a bad birthday. And you’re in luck, we still offer a live “merman” or “mermaid” if you’re interested in a little under water entertainment for your next event. :)

What’s your favorite food that Pure Joy Catering has served?

I really like our slow cooked foods like the Chicken Provencal and Carnitas. The tacos are great too, I love the variety of toppings. 

What kind of trends are you seeing for this upcoming Wedding Season?

More craft beers and kegs at the bar. I think we’ll start seeing larger events with lots of stations and interactive cooking. 

What do you do for fun?

I’m currently taking classes at Santa Barbara City College and when I’m not in class or working you can find me at the beach surfing. 

What else do you want our readers to know about you?

I never want to stop learning and teaching about my experiences. Feel free to ask me about anything or educate me on any topic, always. 

A Note From the Executive Chef;

Adam exudes the Pure Joy moral code of Strength, Honor, Integrity and Gratitude. He is a powerhouse of those qualities all wrapped up with a giant, genuine smile and he looks like Cool Hand Luke! He brings a peaceful centered energy and leadership style that we are all so very grateful for.

A Review About Adam From a Client:

“My mother in law used Pure joy for our rehearsal dinner and they were absolutely phenomenal. Adam was the perfect matre d. He was attentive, but inconspicuous. All of the staff was so nice and helpful. They did a beautiful job with the food and it was so creatively displayed. I highly recommend the avocado bar. Thank you again Pure Joy! We will absolutely use you again.” ~  Alannah, San Jose


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