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Meet the Joy Maker: Arthur

pure joy mascot

UPDATE March 30th, 2018 After a two month battle with heart disease, Arthur passed away at five ½ years old. He will be forever missed by his colleagues.

Name: Arthur aka Arf Arf Baby

Title: PJC Guard Dog Extraordinaire & Head of HR

How long have you been with PJC? Since 2012

Describe your role with Pure Joy and how does your position make PJC a better company?

I help eat leftover scraps of food so there’s no waste. It makes Pure Joy a more sustainable company because we use everything. I also act as our day time alarm system. I keep all the riff raff away; if any unwanted beings come near me I’ll slobber them to death. I also bring joy to everyone who works in the office. That’s a lot of responsibility for a dog, right? So, I do get my naps in…

What’s your favorite part about working for Pure Joy?

Everything. I get to do whatever I want all day; although most of the time I just lay in my mom’s office. It’s sooo luxurious. I have my own bed, a beautiful window to watch the birds and the bees and whenever there are leftovers, Chef Jerry (he’s my favorite) will bring them to me. It’s pretty doggon awesome. Usually I have to go to school in the mornings, but when Mom picks me up and we drive around the corner of Haley Street, I just moan, it’s just the best feeling because I know I get to come to work. I love working here, it’s the best place on earth!

What’s your one moment of glory since you’ve been working for PJC?

This is a tough question. There really are soooo many! Probably the time I cleared a room because I ate too much raw tri-tip the night before. It really caught up with me but I felt a sense of accomplishment that I can produce and emit such large and effective scents. Everyone hollers and screams, I think they’re just rooting me on. They’re all so supportive…

What’s your favorite food that Pure Joy Catering has served?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of chicken. I love all raw, red meat!

What kind of trends are you seeing for this upcoming Wedding Season?

I don’t really attend weddings. Not yet at least. Maybe when I’m 5. For now, my hope is that people start to have more dog ring bearers and more weddings where bringing your dog is acceptable. I mean, it’s pretty wrong I can’t attend most of these events; it makes me feel left out. But yeah, I’m thinking more doggie ring bearers for sure! I’ve seen some great photos on Pinterest…

What do you do for fun?

I walk mom to work often. I play. I bark. I fart. I eat. I sleep. I barrel down the stairs. I play with construction cones (very under rated toys). I play with my sister Lola. I watch over our turtles. I worship my mom and dad. I shake “it off” a lot, I’m trying to teach that to my coworkers. I eat red meat. I like to snack on bones. I like to play at the park, I am a master at tug & Frisbee. I like to do a lot!!!

What else do you want our readers to know about you?

My bark is worse than my bite. I’m really sweet all the time and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But don’t tell anyone because I might lose my job as the PJC Guard Dog Extraordinaire.

A note from the Executive Chef;

Arthur is a Cane Corso Italiano, a type of Mastiff from the gladiator days. He is a graduate with honors from Camp Canine Dog School, which he attended for 18 months, 3 full days a week. He has kept his manors and is very well behaved and friendly. Now he goes to Diogi regularly to stay socialized. He weighs 155# and has proven to be an outstanding office dog.

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