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Meet The Joy Maker: Lynee Bennett

Brad & Lynee really know what it's like to be the recipients of the Joy too

Name:  Lynee Gonsalves

Title:  Business Manager

How long have you been with PJC?  Since February of 2015

Describe your role with Pure Joy and how does your position make PJC a better company?

I wear a number of hats at Pure Joy. At times I act as the social media guru and manage our social media accounts, update our websites (Pure Joy & Santa Barbara Venues), manage outside wedding planning sites, do our blogging and optimize our SEO. I man the downstairs lobby, greet clients with a smile and tackle all the day to day tasks. I strategically staff all our events, monitor, control and manage our outside vendor accounting, act as our “techy” girl from time to time helping solve any technical issues that may possibly arise. Etc etc…

What’s your favorite part about working for Pure Joy?

It may sound silly but I enjoy the variety of tasks my job requires. Sometimes creative, sometimes detail oriented, sometimes purely business. I like to shake things up and not get into the monotony of boring work, and this company and job continuously evolves and changes which keeps me on my toes. Every person, including myself and the company as a whole is always striving to be better and that gives me great satisfaction. I knew I loved working here when I didn’t go home and complain about my job! How many people can actually say that?

What’s your one moment of glory since you’ve been working for PJC?

In all honesty, it’s whenever I figure something out. A technical difficulty solved or an excel formula I thought would never come to fruition. I don’t have one moment of glory per say; it’s every moment when I feel proud that I have the ability to solve whatever problem or issue is thrown at me. Thank goodness for google!

What’s your favorite food that Pure Joy Catering has served?


What kind of trends are you seeing for this upcoming Wedding Season?

Lots of unusual organic elements are being incorporated into wedding décor. More action stations and a variety of fun desserts instead of the typical wedding cake. Tons of monogrammed pieces, large lettering and bride and groom initials everywhere. Monochromatic color schemes.

What do you do for fun?

I like to work hard and play hard. Santa Barbara is literally my playground. We have so many amazing offerings in town; the best food and wine a girl could ask for! So, a huge love of mine is to eat. Going to little pop up dinners and going wine tasting is a regular for me. During the season, a night at the Santa Barbara Bowl can’t be beat. And a little Sunday afternoon at The Boathouse and a stroll with our dogs afterwards is quite the afternoon delight. I also love crafting, gardening, traveling, hanging out with friends and the list goes on.

What else do you want our readers to know about you?

I like to put mayonnaise on everything. I think I could live solely on artichokes. Maybe I love artichokes so much because it’s the perfect vessel to get mayonnaise in my mouth. :)

A Note From the Executive Chef;

Lynee Bennett does so much more than even she realizes. She helps run the company; from day to day, to staffing, social media, website management, SEO and the list goes on, keeping everything smooth, efficient, calm and organized. And she does it all with an incredibly positive attitude & from such a genuine place of wellness and joy. Lynee is brilliant, kind, rational and extremely exceptional. If you’re interested in joining our team, she’s your gal. 


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