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Paper & Cloth - Design for Weddings & Events.

The concepts a chef uses, taking a set of ingredients and blending these well known items in unique ways to delight and excite, mirrors the catalyst for the creation of Paper & Cloth, only with visual ingredients for weddings and events, stimulating the eyes rather than the palate.

The majority of the component parts of a wedding or event are well known, an invite, a place name, the signage etc., but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still surprise and delight. Through a combination of material, style and execution, Paper & Cloth makes the familiar feel new and the mundane become vibrant.

Pulling on techniques learned during his decade plus experience in branding, Paul Bean, Paper & Cloth founder, wanted to bring this ability of being able to capture the essence of brand and products and represent it visually, only now branding couples and occasions.

Paul explains this process as, “The advantage of bringing these big brand techniques to weddings and events, is that I’m able to really capture and visually represent the essence of what makes a couple tick and family and friends recognize those quirks and qualities immediately. And as I’ve distilled the essence of many, many brands, I can understand businesses from the inside out, so creating the visual assets for corporate events comes very naturally”.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as there is no end to the fun that can be had, but this gives you an idea of some of the elements which can be created.


Whether a wedding or an event, there’s no item as essential as the invite. That doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Whether it’s a clear Christmas ornament with the details printed on a ribbon for a festive wedding, or some tactile letterpress, with hand lettered script on handmade paper, the outcome can showcase the occasion beautifully and uniquely.

Illustrated Maps:

Gifts for loved ones can be tricky. Giving them something totally unique and bespoke, like a unique illustrated map, which walks through the adventures of a special occasion, be it a day, a road trip a series of dates or a lifetime, will totally blow them away. This can work for the milestones of a business in much the same way too.


Signage & Decorative Pieces:

A blackboard, or a surfboard, a bottle or a denim jacket, if it can be painted on and it tells your story, it can be signage. From run-of-day boards, through to directional info, dance floor rules to table plans, the options are wide open and the more unique the items, the more it really tells your story.


Your cake(s):

There’s no need to neglect this delicious canvas either. As all the calligraphy and hand lettering is done in-house, it can be applied to the cake as well. It’s one of those real head-turners when guests see this attention to detail.

Place Names:

Another opportunity to really give your guests something to not only remember, but often, when the place-names are this gorgeous they end up being kept and become a treasured memento of the occasion. From driftwood, to marble, to palm leaves to shells, there’s always something which will embody you and delight your guests.


Photobooths are so popular these days, but the same old background gets a little dull. A hand written backdrop with a favourite quote, song lyric or company motto makes all the difference. Again, these can be completed in a number of materials and finishes and produced at almost any size, indoor or out.

If you’re after effortlessly beautiful visual accompaniment to your wedding or event, which embody everything about you or your business, whilst leaving your guests speechless and eager to Instagram it to pieces, let’s chat.

Tel: 917.250.8754

Instagram: @bypaperandcloth


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