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Poach it!

local fresh ginger & tangerines

I promise you’ll love this practically lost cooking method, if you've not tried it or, have, like me, forgotten all about it. Super simple, fast, lite, moist and delicious. Really no recipe required. Classically the french were more subtle with poaching - however too many trips far east have given me a taste for stronger flavors.

The resent heat and some outstanding ginger from our local Farmer’s Market inspired me to poach again. And I was shocked at how awesome the flavor can be. Way too easy.

I’ve been making it like mad lately and it’s outstanding every time. 3 cups of water in a small pot brought to a boil. I slice 3 inches of unpeeled ginger, 4 cloves of garlic, some fresh spring onion. Cut two chicken breasts in half to expose more of the flesh and to thin them. Put all of that into the boiling water. I have some yummy green cardamom I just brought back from India so I smash it a bit and toss it in too. Honestly any aromatics work; fresh rosemary, leeks, celery, chilies - whatever you have around. 

Once it returns to a boil drop the heat low low and let it simmer 5 minutes then just turn off the heat and let it sit. I like to strain off the water and put it all in a Baggie for lunch lettuce wraps, sandwiches or salads but it also makes a great light protein to add in to anything you’re making for dinner.

PJC Executive Chef, Lynette La Mere


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