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Postcards From Barcelona

Jamon abounds (that's ham), its perfect with Spanish Brandy, try Magno, neat

Doing the tap tap tapas dance down the endless streets of Barcelona never gets dull! Every time we go we find more unique artisan chefs, tapas bars and endless remarkable restaurants. I adore the Art and the Spanish Brandy, the wines and the culture and grace of the Spanish people. But the best part is learning AUTHENTIC Spanish food, Spain is one of my favorite places on earth and I’ve had the honor of spending months humbly under her wing learning, studying, paying attention to her. I’m often disappointed with sloppy excuses for Spanish cuisine that so many places pawn off here in the States with such disrespect, it’s a real pet peeve of mine. If you’ve been, go back, if not, make plans, there are so many spectacular places in Spain….

pure joy catering barcelona tapas

potato salad with picante chorizo tapas

Lamb filo parcels in the Barcelo Raval lobby bar drizzled with honey, my fav!

purple tapas - have enough Magno and you will eat one too lol

carb up with flawless spanish potato tortilla tapas

this was glorious, charcouterie crisps with honey and sea salt

dont miss El mercat de La Boqueria, one of the best markets on earth or Mecadona on Carrer de Mallorca

El mercat de La Boqueria jamon & charcouterie display

Patrick Ward's favorite Spanish breakfast; churros con chocolate caliente

Bar Marseille; open since 1820 famous for its glasses of absinthe

See you out there~

Lynette La Mere, Pure joy Catering, Executive Chef


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