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Postcards From Santiago

Karrah Philips offers a taste of Delicious Chilean Zapallo Camote, 70 pound squash the farmers cut to order with machetes

We travel to cook and cook to travel, that’s the life of a caterer. Luckily my son Luc is an awesome photographer and also an avid chef, both boys love travel and we explore a different country every December. Ideally I like to have a kitchen so I can COOK all the local seafood, shop the farmers markets and really get to know a country. Santiago has insanely delicious seafood, loved the fish markets and the produce was super delectable too. Highlights were the fresh Goose eggs, fish still wiggling and the lush herb garden on the AirBnB property we rented - the Farmer’s Market right outside the gates; dreamy. It was a spectacular home made from a 100 year old recovered horse barn, with unrivaled design and no expenses spared, super lux - rustic, very unforgettable. The courtyard had the nice dining area outside in the photo. I still put a spice from Chile on everything I make. They use it liberally like Americans do pepper - it’s on the restaurant tables even - called Merkén. Googling it was hysterical - apparently Merkin is a vaginal wig, NOT to be confused with this spice, that, I can only suspect, hasn't caught on here for that reason. If you can find it, do give it a try, it adds so much more flavor & depth than pepper. 

With love, Lynette La Mere, Pure Joy Catering, Executive Chef


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