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Postcards From a Pasta Lesson in Tuscany

We woke most days to a distant pop pop pop from way off in the wilderness surrounding our little eagle's perch high above the dense furred wild boars being hunted in the distance. Wild boar season in Tuscany is November - February, however, we are not hunters, we are gatherers; of information, experiences, recipes, tribal knowledge that is only for the having when you get in among the tribe. So here we are, deep in an Etruscan cave, swimming, drinking wine, eating and learning the art of fresh pasta; pappardelle with wild boar ragout. In one of the more exceptional Air B&B's on earth, their hospitality knows no bounds. They were happy to arrange an excellent Roman Chef to share a little ancient, tribal knowledge with us.

Chef Valeria Fradiani 's Pappardelle Pasta

All by hand, no processor, no rolling machine, mind blowingly satisfying to do & to eat.

for four here, but as a rule its 1 egg per person. If you prefer to use a food processor; process all together to begin to bring the dough together, you can drizzle in a bit of oil or white wine if needed.

4 really good large eggs

11.28 oz. farina 00 flour

2.8 oz. semolina

2 fat pinches of sea salt

white wine or olive oil, just if needed

Look at the photos below. Whisk the eggs into the center of the flour, mix with a fork slowing pulling the flour into the center until all incorporated. Wet with a bit of white wine & kneed 10-15 minutes. Rest covered in plastic wrap 10-15 minutes. Then roll it out paper thin, sprinkle with semolina, roll the sheet up & then cut 1 inch thick with a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Will hold here 24 hours refrigerated. Boil just 3-4 minutes.

See you out there~

Lynette La Mere, Executive Chef, Pure Joy Catering

Photo Credit Lucas Oliver Oswald


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