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Quilt of Appreciation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, there are literally thousands of words in this “quilt of appreciation” and it blankets us at Pure Joy with warm and fuzzies. We strive to make every single event we cater special, unique and one of a kind which is why you’ll never find the same menu twice. We put love into everything we do, so when we receive thank you notes, we truly cherish them. 

Every single thank you card that is given to us is shared. Pure Joy is a team and each of our working parts help to contribute to make every event spectacular. Every week we read each thank you note, card and email out loud to the entire in-house staff. It makes all of us feel great about what we do. And in turn to your thank you, we also want to say thank you for thanking us! Once we’ve all gotten our weekly warm and fuzzies, we put it on our wall of love so everyone can enjoy it. 

Our “quilt of appreciation” will surely keep us warm this year…that is emotionally at least. :)


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