Ripe figs + Meyers Lemon + Cognac = Pure Joy

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Goat Cheese & Cognac fig jam .... glorious

now thats a ripe kadota fig!

kadota figs from Chris at Santa Ynez Gardens who sells at SB Farmers Market

stems removed & cut to 1/2 inch pieces

meyer lemon zest

give it a stir (remember, don't double the recipe, just do more pots if you've got more)

let the jam meld & rest 1 hour before cooking it

jam after cooking gets thick & caramelly

zesty figgy cognac jam mmmmmm

“This makes me so happy!” Our Business Manager, Lynee Gonsalves said with eyes at half-mast when she tasted the first batch of deeply caramelized fig jam with goat cheese.

Fig lovers are not as common as I intend and I’m constantly converting friends & clients. My new obsession is the yellowy green Kadota fig also known as Peter’s Honey Fig. One of my favorite local farmer’s, Chris from Santa Ynez Gardens, just started growing them and they are insanely delicious. As the fig season starts to wrap up I get a sense of panic and came upon this blessed solution.

I tried a jam recipe on a website using Meyers Lemons from Patrick’s tree, he’s our senior event planner here and he grows awesome organic citrus, I made some alterations to the recipe and just as my dinner party guests began to arrive I ladled some of this warm jam onto a log of goat cheese and converted a few more folks to true Fig Lover Status.

For more fig recipes & lore read my Fig Lovers Only blog for recipes of some of our most popular appetizers at Pure Joy Events.


6 ½ pint jars~recipe does NOT double well, just do multiple pots if you want more

This jam is such fun to make and utterly unique and exceptional - worth the effort. Any type of fig will do but I’ve cut the sugar down here because I use tree ripened organic sweet figs from Farmer’s Market when they’re nice and soft and gooey.

3 lb. figs (3 full baskets), Kadota, or any good ripe figs, however I favor the lighter color ones for jam

2 Meyers lemons, zest only

2.5 cups sugar

5 oz. cognac or brandy

generous ¼ tsp. salt

6 half pint mason jars

Remove the stems and cut the figs into ½ inch pieces and put them in a heavy bottom pot. Cut off just the zest of the lemons and match stick cut them (see photos above). Stir all of the ingredients together and let it sit 1 hour. After that bring it to a boil, takes about 5 minutes then lower to a simmer and cook 1.25 hours, just stirring occasionally. Toward the end, boil a big pot of water and when your jam is done put in the 6 jars & lids. Remove to a clean towel and ladle in your jam leaving ½ an inch. Tap it down to remove the air bubbles & screw the lids on tight. Carefully put them back into the boiling water for 10 minutes, then, Voila!


Lynette La Mere, Pure Joy Catering, Executive Chef


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