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See What Your Wedding Guests Will Say...

We just LOVE getting fantastic, positive, unsolicited feedback. Especially when it’s from a wedding guest. This made our day! See what he had to say:

“I attended a wedding in Los Olivos that Pure Joy Catered. Consisted of the usual stuff and lots of people with friendly faces. One thing I know about this group is that they know what is good… and what is not. As I watched from the sidelines, Pure Joy is probably the best in class with everything they do. The guests were VERY SATISFIED!

There was not one thing I ate that was not above average. I tried everything. From the starting appetizers, all the way to dessert. My suggestion as the best dish would be the Salmon (and I’m not a big fish kind of guy). I just like catching them. If there is steak available, fish will always take a back seat…until today. I am forever changed. The Salmon is to die for!!! Next favorite, The Ravioli. Awesome Flavor and one of the best I have ever had.

Seriously No Joke…

The only bummer for me and my group…we are outside of the Pure Joy service area. I may have to convince the boss to tip extra heavy so Pure Joy can come to the OC…

What a team!!!! GREAT JOB!!!”

~Wedding Guest, Orange County

Call us if you want your wedding guests to be as excited as THIS guy! (805) 963-5766 or

Florals by Ella & Louie

Wedding Coordinator was Ann Johnson

Catering was Pure Joy


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