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Sockeye to Me!

“Hit me with another Nigiri please.” Nom Nom Nom. “Hit me with more Sashimi please.” Nom Nom Nom. We are so proud to say it was like groundhog day in May. Wedding guests kept coming back for more and it was our pleasure to serve them up some uber yummy sushi deliciousness!

Have we mentioned our Executive Chef, Lynette La Mere has traveled the globe to experience a wide variety of worldly cuisine not just for fun, but to be able to create a multitude of authentic, cultural experiences for our events. That’s really what makes Pure Joy Catering so different and unique. We can whip up (from scratch i might add) food from so many areas of the world. And she brings back spices and yummies from every continent to create those memorable, authentic tastes and flavors. 

Our Sushi Station is beautifully plated, unbelievably fresh and just plain delicious:

Nigiri & Sashimi - Tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail Drizzled Ponzu Sauce Sliced Red Jalapenos For Dipping - Ginger, Wasabi and Soy Sauce

We set the little seafood oasis station up in the middle of cocktail hour and it's an extra special and the unexpected delight for the guests. 

Pure Joy says “Sockeye to me” and let’s get that sushi station up at your next event! Check out other stations we do here Or just give us a call. 805-963-5766

Photo Credit // Rachel Hoyt


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