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Thank You Thursday

pure joy catering staff
Pure Joy Family Rockstars, Stephanye, Dane, and Adriana. Picture Courtesy of Ron & Charlotte

Celebrating Ron's 85th Birthday with a Family Style Dinner

"We were delighted to have Pure Joy cater the 85th BD event for husband Ron. The food was outstanding — tasty, correct temperature, attractive and the timing of each course was perfect. Dane and his two helpers, and Adriana and Stephanye, were outstanding, pleasant, helpful, and professional. Dane checked with us throughout the afternoon on serving, timing, and organizational details. He also made helpful suggestions throughout the day for timing, dishes, and setup. He and his two assistants did an excellent job of arranging the flowers down the center of the table. Very importantly, he did an excellent job of cutting and serving the cake. One of the guests was so impressed with his skills that she complimented him during the event.

Everything was left spic and span, neat and tidy. All the leftovers were nicely boxed up and left in the refrigerator.

I was amazed at the skill of the workers and astounded at the amount of equipment it took to put on an event of this nature for 12 guests. There were questions by guests as to who the caters were and comments on what a lovely job they did for the event. Patrick was very responsive to requests for changes or additions, although sorting out the equipment rental list was a challenge for us."

Thanks to the whole team from beginning to end.

PS: We would love to have the recipe for the salad dressing. YES! Click Here for Grandpa's Ligit Caesar Salad Recipe

Bon Appetit from all of us,

Charlotte and Ron

November 5, 2023

pure joy catering farmer's market florals
Pure Joy Catering's Fresh Farmer's Market Greenery and Florals


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