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The Ultimate in Exotic Event Tenting Can be Yours

Raj tents have the most unique and exotic tents.  These tents aren’t only for Indian Weddings anymore… Though they know how to up-do any Indian Weddings in every way with all the tradition, color and commitment.  Raj tents combine traditional motifs and handcrafted workmanship with natural fabrics and innovative designs for a perfect combination of East meets West!

Summer is here and we wanted to share a great new idea with you for outdoor entertaining. Excellent food, beautifully presented and professionally served, is one of the most important components to a successful party which Pure Joy Catering is the best at manifesting!  

One of the challenges is how to make the Buffets and Bars fit the event theme, the aesthetic and the functional needs.  Raj Tents have addressed this with their exclusive range of luxury buffet and bar tents.

Their most popular tent is the 10 ft. square Pergola, as it is an ideal size and comes in many color and style combinations.   The octagonal Pavilion (13 ft diameter) and its big brother, the Grand Pavilion (20 ft. diameter), allow more space and as they are octagonal, have more corners for drapes and lights.

All tents are on heavy grade stainless steel frames that are self-supporting, so they can be set up almost anywhere to frame Buffets and Bars and contribute to the décor and interest of events.  Choose from Raj Tents’ large selection of themes; from Classic Cream, Louis XV, Bohemian Chic, Old Hollywood, Beach Chic, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Bollywood, Wine Country and Circus Carnival. For more ideas, images and inspiration, check out the Raj Tents blog


Raj Tents also provide furniture rugs, and thematic lighting which accents along with the tenting and décor to emphasize any theme beautifully.

Framing each dining table or buffet with an immaculate tent is the ultimate luxury.  Let your imagination run wild and free with a touch of exotic for your next celebration. 


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