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Wedding Guest SOS: Expert Tips for What to Wear This Year

When it comes to wedding style, a lot of the advice circulating out there is meant for brides, grooms, and their wedding party. But what about the guests? With so many options, rules, and rapidly-changing trends, picking out an outfit that will help you celebrate the marriage of your loved ones can feel like a daunting, nerve-wracking task. You want to look great, but you don’t want to overshadow or accidentally offend anyone (which can be easier to do than you might think). To make sure finding your outfit is all fun and no fuss, the wedding style experts at The Black Tux put together their top three wedding guest style tips for the upcoming season. Consult the Invitation The first place you need to look is the wedding invitation. Couples don’t always include a dress code, but when they do, it’s a great way to narrow down your options instantly. However, dress codes can be a bit muddled and confusing. Our infographic below helps both men and women decipher the following dress codes: casual, semi formal / dressy casual, beach formal, black tie optional, black tie, and white tie.

After you’ve figured out the dress code, look at the design of the invite. The style of the invite itself should give you some context clues about the theme of the wedding — is it an outside gathering? In a rustic barn? At a classy hotel? The dress code gives you the basics, but knowing the location and theme of the wedding will help guide your style choices even further, especially when it comes to appropriate elements of flair. Think subtle floral prints for a garden soiree, or fun white or black gloves for more posh events. For an outdoor party, like beach or barnyard weddings, it can be a bit tricky no matter the dress code since you never know what the weather will do, and we all know the weather can often change on a dime. The key here is accessories that also have utility. For women, we recommend layering with a shawl or jacket — easy to put on or take off, depending on if it’s chilly or warm. Everyone should pack a matching umbrella, just in case, along with a pair of sunglasses that fit the rest of the outfit. Invest in Something New A knee-jerk reaction many wedding guests have is to wear some kind of old trusty dress or suit — their go-to “wedding outfit,” if you will. However, it’s probably best if you don’t dust off that old ensemble, because that’s an easy way to make sure you’re not on trend or looking your sharpest. Since fashion can be so fickle, a great, financial-savvy option is to rent (for the “something borrowed” portion of the festivities, of course!). Women have a bevy of great options, such as Rent the Runway, a brand that is always up with the times. For men, The Black Tux offers incredibly stylish tuxedos and suits for rent, and fit is guaranteed to boot. Just Ask Now, if the invitation isn’t clear enough on the wedding details and dress code and you’re panicking because you have no idea where to even begin, just ask! But see if you can reach out to a maid of honor or bridesmaid — the bride has enough on her plate. You could even send them pictures of a few outfits you were considering to see what they think would work best.

GUEST BLOG BY: The Black Tux


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