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5 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding day is a memory that should be cherished always. When deciding what gift to give the special couple on their important day, the gift you choose should be cherished as well. While the couple may have a registry online, it's always a great idea to take a gift idea a step further by finding a personalized wedding gift. A personalized wedding gift helps remind a couple of their amazing bond and set them off in their new life together happily.

Custom Framed Photos of The Special Day

As one of the most important days in the couple’s life, it only makes sense that they’d want a physical token of their special moments. Creatively displayed photos of their wedding day and relationship are a great way to remind a couple of where their marriage began and serve as a reminder of their timeless love. Creating a photo album of memories or choosing to get a custom wedding frame for their favorite picture together is a cherished present that will remind the two of their special connection for many years to come.

Kitchen Accessories to Begin Cooking Memories

While the couple’s registry likely includes kitchen indulgences, a personalized accessory for their kitchen is a great way to provide a practical yet endearing present that they will use regularly — and remember you by. A personalized charcuterie board for their next date night, a dinnerware set, or an empty cookbook they can fill with their favorite recipes are all welcomed additions to any kitchen and will remind the two of their bond on any day. If the couple needs to spice up their bar cart, personalized drink coasters or champagne flutes are a safe bet for a creative wedding gift.

Captivating Artwork That Will Catch Their Eye

Personalized artwork is a wonderful way to provide home decor for the couple and help set up their living space. With so many talented artists taking their works online, it’s never been easier to find a unique and endearing piece of art that the couple won’t be able to wait to display in their living space. Consider a personalized piece such as a commissioned painting of the couple or a fun print of the night sky on the night of their wedding are creative and unique wedding gifts.

Cozy Home Goods to Help Create Comfort

Whether the couple has lived together for years or they’ve recently decided to settle down in the same living space, opting for cozy personalized items is a wonderful way to help create comfort in the couple’s home. Gifts such as favorite scents, lotions, and spa treatments to enjoy once they’re home from their honeymoon are a creative choice if you know what the couple may enjoy. If you’re less sure of their preferences, embroidered robes or plush slippers are a great choice, or personalized bath towels and bathroom accent pieces are splendid ways to help the couple settle down as newlyweds.

Engraved Keepsakes to Immortalize the Love

Selecting engraved or personalized keepsakes are a lovely addition to any newlywed’s home. The keepsake should be dependent on the couple’s interests and hobbies so they will always cherish the gift. If you’re unsure of what the couple would treasure the most, choosing personalized holiday decor is a safe bet for helping the couple set up their home to remember their love during the holiday season.

Choosing the right wedding gift for the newly wedded couple is a caring way to wish the pair good luck in the next stage of their life. Whether the gift is an item that helps the couple settle down in their home or serves as a simple and unique reminder of their love, a personalized present is a great decision rather than mindlessly selecting something from their registry. Put one more smile on their face on their extraordinary day with any of these personalized wedding gift ideas.

Guest Blogger: Katie Tejada

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about weddings and events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, real estate, finance and more.


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