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5 Real Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding From The Wedding Professionals at Pure Joy Catering

We’re glad you are carefully considering your catering options as this is such an expensive day! Compromising on the RIGHT things that you won’t regret later is not simple, we know. Choosing your caterer based purely on price; without doing the homework has led to many a wedding horror story. You want to be present, not have to work or worry on wedding day. Here’s a blog with lots of questions to help you factor bits you may not have thought of yet.

1.     Not Your Average Day! 

Avoid the 26 hot wedding Saturdays; May through October, when everything cost more. Book one location for your ceremony and reception. You won’t have to pay multiple site fees, plus there’s no need for transportation between each one. Here’s all the info you need to get started with over a hundred venues. Friday and Sunday weddings afford more flexibility in options and pricing with all vendors & venues. Consider a Spring or Winter wedding for a more unique and romantic alternative.

2.     And the Crowd Goes Wild…

Have an adorable token cake for photos and cutting and do a delicious dessert instead. Guests love getting up & mingling or taking a dance break. And nothing (outside the bride’s glow) elicits more happy guests than a do it yourself Ice Cream Sunday Bar, Fresh Made Oh-no-you-dough-not Donut Station or a Cigarette Girl Tray coming by with Hot Fresh Spanish Style Churros with warm chocolate dips! Here’s our Sips & Sweets menu for more fun ideas that can save you considerably more than you realize.

3.    Drink (not so far) up!    

Go with Pure Joy Catering and avoid the blank check to the hotel reception bar. We cover you with a 2 million dollar Liquor Liability Policy and you get to provide the alcohol of your choice (think Costco, the local wineries or BevMo). Based on your guest count & decisions we give you an easy shopping list. Cut bubbly out of your budget; let guests toast with what’s called “glass-in-hand”. Additionally going with a scrumptious Specialty Cocktail or two speeds up the bar service tremendously & saves you lots of money on alcohol and additionally needed bartenders.

4.    End it while you still have that after-ceremony glow  

Time is of the essence. Schedule a three-hour event instead of a five-hour one. People will still have a beautiful time, end the formal affair on a high note and let the revelers carry on at a trendy nearby bar or club.

5.    Who are those people?    

Prune your guest list. Since so many wedding elements are charged on a per-person basis, aiming for fewer can save you big. It may be easier to hunker down and stress over lowering the guest list now than stressing for the next year on your budget. At Pure Joy we are experts at helping our couples prioritize and get the most joy for their budget, we are here for you from signing to saying I Do! And getting a few Pure Joy proposals is easy, let’s see what your dreams look like & get this party started.


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