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5 Ways Pure Joy Shows Compassion

At Pure Joy Catering, we are strongly committed to giving back to the local community and protecting our environment. We only have one mother earth so we want to do our best to tread lightly. Over the years we have donated to non-profits, switched to using paper straws, gone paperless when possible and the list goes on but we can always do more. The following are 5 ways we try to make a difference on a daily or weekly basis so we can feel great about what we do.

1. Composting and Recycling - Since we’ve started Commercial Composting, we have reduced our total trash waste to only 4% at the Pure Joy Catering headquarters. Our next step is working with venues in town to get everyone to start recycling and composting when possible. Believe it or not, not everyone recycles! On our Santa Barbara Venues website we have started to include who recycles and composts. If you don’t see a check mark with one of those options, that means everything from the event goes to the trash. By raising awareness of this issue, we’re hoping to help create change. So remember, ask your venue if they recycle or compost on site. For a list of Venues that Recycle or Compost, see the bottom of the blog. If you are a venue that recycles and aren’t on the list, contact us and we’ll update your listing.

2. Clean Water Business Certified - Pure Joy has recently received our Clean Water Business Certification! The certification comes from the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division and shows that we comply with clean water runoff regulations. Being so close to the Pacific Ocean, we want to ensure we don’t contribute to any ocean pollutants and want to keep our sea life happy. When you see our squeaky clean Pure Joy vans driving around, know we only wash them at places that recycle the water. Also, want to know the coolest part about this certification? If you pass, the program will actually provide up to $1,000 to help you to continue to stay in compliance. For example, they will help you buy drain covers, spill and clean up products etc. Cool huh?

3. Food Donations - There are times when we have leftover food items from events. Instead of wasting anything, we have decided to find a way to re-purpose it in a very timely and safe fashion. Pure Joy has teamed up with the Community Environmental Council (CEC)’s SBC Food Rescue program to donate food to Sarah House, a small non profit, end of life care facility. Their biggest expense is food and we’re glad we can help provide this donation gift to ease Sarah House’s budget and provide delicious meals for patients and their family during their difficult time.

4. Feeding the Turtles - These aren’t just any turtles we’re feeding. They are Executive Chef, Lynette La Mere’s pets. Her three turtles, Louie, Shelly and Eggie have grown from being tiny little creatures to each weighing about 125 lbs and will very likely outlive all of us! These ancient creatures get to graze on all of our leftover herbs, veggies and salad greens. They definitely get to enjoy the fruits of Pure Joy labor! ;)

5. Recycling our Oil - Can you believe we recycle all of our vegetable oil? We use Coastal Byproducts, a certified company who offers environmentally friendly solutions for liquid waste. At Pure Joy and when we’re working off site, we always bring the oil back to our headquarters so it can be recycled properly. Instead of pouring them down the drains, which clogs our sewers and adds to landfills, it’s produced into bio-diesel. It’s like magic!

Check out our Compassion Page on our website to see what else we’ve done.

Here is a list of Venues that Recycle and or Compost. Let’s give them a round of applause!

  • Babcock Vitner’s House

  • Brick Barn Wine Estate

  • Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center

  • Calle Puerta Vallarta

  • Carpinteria Lions Park

  • Carrillo Historic Ballroom

  • Casa las Palmas in Chase Palm Park

  • Cebada Winery

  • Chase Palm Park

  • Casa Das Palmas

  • Casitas Estate

  • Crossroads Estate

  • El Zapato

  • Enchanting Woods

  • Elings Park

  • Fairview Gardens

  • Impact Hub

  • LinCourt Vineyards & Winery

  • Moxi Museum

  • Rancho Del Cielo

  • Rockwood Women’s Club

  • Royal Oaks Ranch

  • Santa Barbara Historical Museum

  • Santa Barbara Sea Center

  • Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

  • Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

  • Spanish Oaks Ranch

  • Sunstone Winery

  • The Hangar

  • Unitarian Society Sanctuary & Gardens

  • White Barn


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