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Beyond the Plate: The Beauty & Taste of Edible Tablescapes

We are very excited about the latest "trend" that is making its way into the 2024 wedding season; edible tablescapes that incorporate the seasonally vibrant offerings the farmer's market provides. A new take on the Farm to Table scene that is not just for your plate but also used as decor that adds texture and complexity to the typical flower centerpieces adorning the center of each table.

edible tablescape
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Our philosophy of Messy, Sexy is perfect for this trend of tablescapes and we are all for it! Appreciating the perfection in the imperfections that are reminiscent of the homemade touch, "made with love" details that we live for. We'll go over why we love the idea of edible tablescapes that transcend the ordinary table into something timeless.

edible tablescape

Interactive Dining

Edible Tablescapes can be arranged in two distinct ways; for indulging as part of a course or purely for aesthetics (most popular). The idea of having a grazing tablescape is such a fun idea, especially for the rehearsal dinner or the day after brunch.

Our Farmer's Market Grazing Table can easily be converted for such an occasion with a gorgeous array of deliciousness from the Santa Barbara farmer’s market, one of the best on earth, without having to carry anything! Chef's pick of organic fruits & berries, variety of breads, honey, organic house-made cognac fig jam & dried fruits, bread sticks, Drake's family farm & other local artisan cheeses.

edible tablescape

Sustainable Dining

We are truly fortunate to have access to such a rich variety of the finest seasonal produce from our local farmers, a treasure that sets Santa Barbara apart as a sought-after destination for foodies everywhere while highlighting our region's agricultural richness.

Crafting edible tablescapes not only adds a touch of grandeur to your next celebration but also underscores our commitment to supporting sustainable farming methods, ensuring the continued harmony between our industry and the environment.

edible tablescape
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Inspiration from the Season

Stuck on your wedding centerpieces and don't know how to add that touch of depth and texture? Get inspiration from the season's choices and colors of fruits and vegetables! Depending on the month you are getting married, there is a variety to pull ideas from for your rustic barn or colorful spring wedding. The key is to align the choice of fruits and vegetables that are available in the season to create a cohesive and visually appealing theme. This approach not only adds depth and texture to your centerpieces but also allows you to infuse a natural charm into your wedding decor making it more personalized and unique to the time of your celebration.

edible tablescape
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We've Been Doing this Since the Beginning

Adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market to our presentation has always been a part of Pure Joy's catering. We love the way lavender grown in our garden adds a touch of elegance to a napkin fold or a delicately placed sage leaf can make the world of difference. This commitment to quality and attention to detail reflect our dedication to providing a distinctive and memorable experience, where down to the garnishes, every detail is carefully considered for its contribution to beauty and flavor.

edible tablescape

Incorporating edible tablescapes into your tablescape is an artful celebration of the season. From the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables to the aromatic herbs delicately placed, edible tablescapes add a sensory dimension to gatherings. The thoughtful integration of locally sourced produce, as exemplified by Pure Joy's use of Santa Barbara Farmer's Market finds, not only enhances the visual appeal but also connects guests to the community and its flavors.

edible tablescape

In anticipation of the upcoming 2024 wedding season, we are thrilled to embrace the latest trend that promises to elevate celebrations to a new level - edible tablescapes inspired by the vibrant offerings of the local farmer's market. This innovative take on the Farm to Table concept is not just a feast for the palate but a visual and sensory delight, introducing texture and complexity beyond the typical floral centerpieces.

Aligned with our philosophy of Messy, Sexy, we find the charm in imperfections and appreciate the homemade touch that adds warmth and personality to every detail. We are enthusiastic about this trend that transforms tables into timeless, immersive experiences, inviting guests to savor not only the flavors but also the essence of love and creativity woven into every element.

Written by Shayna Cogan


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