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Dreamy Wedding Menu Ideas We Love and Your Guests will Too!

Brides are constantly coming up with new ways to make their big day extra special and standout from the ordinary, especially when it comes to setting the table. One trend that's caught our eye? The way they're showing off their hand-picked menu items. It's not just about what's on the plate anymore – it's about how it's presented.

While undeniably perfect for weddings, these ideas possess a versatile charm that extends to any special occasion, promising to add that extra touch of elegance and refinement to any meticulously planned event. We're excited to delve into these inspired menus, exploring how they infuse charm, personality, and a sense of celebration into every aspect of the dining experience.

Individual Rustic Bread Bags

wedding menu inspiration

A natural paper bag with a rustic and crunchy bread loaf tied with a finishing touch of lavender or herb sets the stage for the Farmer's Market California Fresh Cuisine we are known for here in Santa Barbara.

We particularly love the eco-consciousness of this option showing guests and loved ones your commitment to sustainability and the local community where Earth Day was founded.

Table Runners

wedding menu inspiration

For brides who adore the rustic charm of long, beautifully bare wooden tables, here's a twist to enhance their farm-style wedding: incorporating a linen table runner to add softness and texture while featuring the menu displayed elegantly at the end. We recommend the wedding couple order an extra runner for themselves to display on their dining table at home to remember their special day.

Banded Cutlery

wedding menu inspiration

You and your partner chose a buffet for your special day but don't want the typical rollup setup of your nicely chosen silverware hidden in the napkin? Custom cutlery bands take it a step further, adding that touch of refinement to any affair. We love the "sealed with a bow" effect this has in tying these details together.

Cloth Menus & Napkins

wedding menu inspiration

We love the simplicity, versatility, and "wow" effect of custom inscribed menus on cloth. The Font and Fabric really take center stage in composing your vision to match your style and create the cohesive look with your invitations.

The simplicity of these cloth napkins paired with other natural elements create the timeless farm style look; a time of homemade family heirlooms.

wedding menu inspiration

Glamourous Estate wedding among the vineyards in Santa Ynez Valley? These beautiful and rich napkins are a statement piece for the table.

The filigree of the font and high-quality fabric of linen make for a showstopping addition for guests to wipe their mouths on after being left agape by this extraordinary detail.

wedding menu inspiration

Long wedding weekends in the summer call for friends and family to gather, relax and take their time celebrating the wedding couple.

We love this lovely welcome towel to greet guests and get the excitement building for the evening's festivities. Start the day at the pool and end with a celebration that will have your guests remembering this meal for a lifetime.

Custom Watercolor Illustrations

wedding menu inspiration

Time to add some vibrancy and color to the tablescape! These custom watercolor illustrations of the menu items or theme carry each detail to the finish line in such a creative way. We adore this look and can take any special day to the next level. Lovely, so so lovely!

Whimsical Fortune Teller

wedding menu inspiration

This is a great idea for high school sweethearts; these blast from the past "cootie catchers" or paper fortune tellers take guests down memory lane with this fun menu. Origami menus and place cards are a fantastic way to add an elegant yet whimsy detail to the couple's wedding day.

Sweet Detail

wedding menu inspiration

Finally, a sweet and edible detail that is sure to please. Custom chocolate bar menus are multipurpose as a flavorful way to get the palate going for the upcoming meal or to savor later as a parting favor.

We can also see this idea with beautiful white chocolate, edible gold leaf details or flowers to bring everything together.

Choosing your caterer is one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding. Each edible morsel from passed appetizers to dessert carefully chosen with the vision of the perfect day. Why not display the importance of surrounding such a momentous meal with your guests down to the last detail with a creative menu. Carrying theme and attention to detail, choosing the right menu design leaves a lasting impression and creative gift for all to enjoy.

Written by Shayna Cogan



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