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Fabulous at 80: A Lifetime of Pride

Every birthday is a milestone, but when it's Steve's 80th birthday, it's a reason to celebrate with extra flair and pizzazz. The Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall was transformed into a vibrant haven of gay pride, rainbows, and drag queens, setting the stage for a joyous and unforgettable celebration. With Pure Joy Catering adding their magic to the mix, Steve's special day became a testament to a life lived authentically and with unapologetic pride.

"Greetings Patrick,

I wanted to tell you some comments from my guests:

“The steak was like butter”

‘Freshest Salmon ever”

“What a great party”

“The staff could not be more gracious” “Where do you find these really nice hard-working young people?” It was an older crowd!!!! remember

From us:

I found the organization you folks put into this event was more than I could have expected. Much less to have so many compliments on the food. Dane was such a gracious host. (Yes we consider him a host). He never stopped making sure everyone had everything." - Steve & Vince

Pure Joy Rockstars, Olivia and Elmer

As guests walked into the Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall to a kaleidoscope of colors. From vibrant rainbow decorations adorning the tables with magical centerpieces, every corner radiated a sense of love.

The menu by Pure Joy Catering was a fusion of flavors starting with the ever-so-popular Bountiful Cheese Table with international cheeses and topped with the impressive estate urn of fragrant pears, grapes, apples, and berries. A plated dinner of Grilled Salmon Filet and Crusted Tenderloin served alongside Grilled Local Vegetables carried along the colorful theme with the farmer's market vegetables creating brightness and flavor to each dish.

The Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall dates back through generations, and it has hosted an array of events that reflect the diverse tapestry of the Santa Barbara community. With its stately architecture and warm ambiance, the hall sets the stage for moments that are both grand and intimate.

No celebration is complete without drag queens, and they certainly stole the show at Steve's birthday bash. Bedecked in sequins, feathers, and endless charisma, the drag queens brought a sense of glamour and exuberance that had everyone on their feet. From sassy performances to interacting with guests, they added an extra layer of fabulousness to the event.

🌈 Happy 80th Birthday, Steve! 🎉

Here's to the adventures that still await, the stories yet to be told, and the love and happiness that continues to flourish in your life.


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