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If the “El Zapato” fits…rent it!

There is no old woman living in this shoe, it was designed by Jeff Shelton as an awesome rental just for you.

This unique and magnificently fashioned house is named “El Zapato” because it resembles the shape of a shoe. Every detail has been artfully crafted and carefully constructed to create a fun and funky yet comfortable ambiance. This is just one of the ten renowned architectural designs by Shelton that you can find in Santa Barbara. With every new masterpiece, Shelton individualizes his artwork with a newly created Spanish style tile; this time around, the lobster was born. If Dr. Seuss and Gaudi birthed a building, it would be one of Shelton’s designs. And if that strikes your fancy, this may be the perfect place for you.

The house is made up of three parts: The Lobster Studios, The Green Cabana & The Turquoise Penthouse. The rooftop deck is the perfect place to have a cocktail party, brunch or small reception and there are options to rent individual floors or the entire house. Santa Barbara is a huge wedding destination and finding a place such as El Zapato is perfect for extended family or a bridal party to stay in. Like I said, if “El Zapato” fits…rent it. It’s private, spacious, luxurious and close to everything! It doesn’t get much better than this.

As you enter the front gate of El Zapato, you walk into a beautiful open air courtyard lined with sustainable greenery. The ground level is also where you’ll find the two Lobster Studios with the Main Lobster tiled floors, cheery yellow curtains and a cozy atmosphere.  Walk up the terra cotta and Spanish tiled stairwell to The Green Cabana. This bright and airy room is adorned with Mattie’s Rose tiles and leads you right onto the outdoor balcony. The long balcony has cozy chairs for relaxing, both side walls have scalloped edges and at the end of the balcony you’ll find a padded sitting nook that can also be used as an outdoor sleeping area. The second level balcony is a perfect setting for a long communal style table and a family style meal for a gathering or event. The cherry on top is The Turquoise Penthouse equipped with a beautiful kitchen, tons of windows for natural light and a rooftop deck where you can sunbathe or throw a killer cocktail party. Your 360 view from the top can’t get any better; from the Channel Islands to the lit up houses on the Riviera you get a clear view of why Santa Barbara is such a destination. There is a sound proof outdoor sleeping area, a “Loo with a View” and even an outdoor shower atop El Zapato. From top to bottom this place is pretty spectacular.

El Zapato has just been completed and it’s available to rent now. It’s a wonderful option for anyone looking to have a Santa Barbara Destination Wedding and can be rented by floor or the house as a whole. It’s a fabulous place to stay and even better for hosting an after wedding brunch or rehearsal dinner. Here’s a place where you can have your cake and eat it too.  El Zapato is just another piece of the puzzle that makes Santa Barbara great. Find more information and how to contact El Zapato on



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