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Uncorking the Experience: Inside Gainey's Wine Club Tasting Event

Imagine the opportunity for us here at Pure Joy to be able to collaborate with the wonderful folks at Gainey Winery to assist in creating an experience for Wine Club Members. We had such an unforgettable day in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley on the stunning property that leaves a lasting impression on all those who can tour or attend an event on this angelic property while drinking a delectable wine selection.

gainey vineyard
Gainey Winery

Mezze Magic

We're all about bringing people together through food, and what better way to do that than with mezze? Our team got creative with the Mezze Wood Planks, each a work of art, showcasing the best of local, seasonal ingredients: seasoned chicken skewers, homemade; traditional hummus and muhammara, a hearty walnut and roasted red pepper dip, toasted pita points, citrus & fennel marinated olives, dates, local fruit, complimented with fragrant herbs.

pure joy mezze plank
Ahhh...mazing Mezze Plank!

Sipping & Savoring

Now, let's talk wine. Gainey Winery knows how to craft a bottle of magic, and they didn't disappoint. As guests mingled and munched, they were treated to a selection of library wines perfectly paired with our mezze creations. It was quite the experience of the palette for Gainey members to partake in such a unique wine-lovers journey.

pure joy mezze plank

Here's to More Moments at Gainey

The team at Gainey Winery excels not just in crafting exquisite wines but also in curating unforgettable experiences. Having frequently catered for celebrations and weddings at their stunning estate (which never ceases to amaze!), we cherish every opportunity to forge unique, once-in-a-lifetime memories. These moments highlight the unparalleled beauty of Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez, something we're always excited and proud to showcase.

gainey event
Culinary Queens, Stephanye and Adriana

gainey event
Mezze Magicians: Senior Event Specialist Patrick, Executive Chef, Marguerite with Stephanye and Adriana

Written by Shayna Cogan


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