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Wedding Recap; Love is in the Air

We are smack dab in the middle of engagement season. November through February and even up until Spring, engagement rings are being purchased, proposal speeches have been brainstormed and people are uttering the words, "Will you marry me?" all over the world. It's glorious, adorable and exciting to know that so much love is being pushed into the universe.

A huge Congratulations goes out to those of you who are recently engaged. There is so much excitement to come; wedding planning, melding of families and starting a new chapter in your lives together. It can be daunting if you don't know where to begin with the wedding planning process, so we've written tons of advice pieces over the years to help guide you in the process. Here you will find advice on Tips for Saving Money on your Wedding Day, Engaged! But Now, What the Heck do you do?, Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Caterer, and the list goes on!

But really, we want to share some Inspiration from some of our favorite Weddings we've done in the past. It's such a joy to see everyone's personalities shine through on their wedding day. Here you'll find inspiration on decor, menu items, venue locations & vendors etc. Heeeere we goooo!

Glam Greenhouse Wedding: You're bound to be green with envy with this glam greenhouse wedding. They used tons of hanging flora which consisted of ferns and other greenery, low centerpieces that added pops of color, rich saturated flowers, tons of geometric shapes, Silent Disco headphones with a matching "Stayin' Alive" disco late night snack snack and lit up the greenhouse with shimmering string lights.

Pure Joy, Mixed Metals & Burgundy Bliss: This wedding consisted of a delicious plated meal set on a variety of mixed metal charges and took place in Crossroad's wooden industrial pole barn which was the perfect backdrop for the rich Burgundy floral accents.

Multi-Cultural Wedding Bliss: The ceremony began at the Elings Park Amphitheater where the couple wed under a gorgeous ceremony structure fashioned with eucalyptus & white flowers for a delicately elegant backdrop. They then headed to a private tent where they proceeded with a very traditional Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony.

California Wedding Dreamin': This surfer girl had the wedding of her dreams with the crashing ocean in the backdrop, whales breaching during their ceremony (seriously, that happened) and perfect sun kissed photo ops at El Capitan Beach.

Boots, Blooms, Belles & Bouron: Yup, this wedding had it all. Cowboy or cowgirl boots, simple little delicate flower blooms, Pure Joy's Tiny Pans of Southern Belles (shredded bbq pork atop a fresh baked mini corn muffin with napa slaw) and you guessed it, Bourbon cocktails.

Grandeur at the Granada: The reception was at the Granada Theatre, with 1,500 empty seats in the background, the reception took center stage where chandeliers hung, the band played on and the guests got to dance the night away in the spotlight. The wonderfully colorful decor really popped in the darkened theatre.

For more inspiration, visit our blog, for food inspiration, visit our gallery or our menu items. If you want to chat about your wedding, give us a call. 805.963.5766


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