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Meet the Joy Maker : Annie Rose Garjian

Name: Annie Rose Garjian

Title: Sales and Event Planner/ Event Supervisor

Describe your role with Pure Joy:

My main role at Pure Joy is helping clients bring their vision to life by creating the perfect menu for their special day. Relieving the stress and uncertainty of organizing and planning a party, by listening to their needs, allows them to focus more on spending time with their family and friends, which is essentially our main goal.

What is it like to work at Pure Joy?

With such an enthusiastic and intelligent group of people working here, every day is a new chance to learn something from your colleagues. Seeing everyone’s different visions come together to produce fantastic events really gives you a sense of creativity and freedom. After a successful event, the feeling of accomplishment and success from satisfied clients motivates us to make every event even more. Being able to rely on each coworker’s element of professionalism and skills make it easy to produce a final product that stands out from other event companies.

What is your favorite part about working for Pure Joy?

Being a part of a team where your thoughts and visions are heard makes it easy to come to work each day. Also, the love for events and watching people have some of the most memorable times in their life is something that I think most of us here are born with. I still get teary-eyed at every Father-Daughter dance or special toasts to the Bride and Groom, even after all the events I have produced.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be and why?

Hmm - I would have to say a Cosmopolitan. It is a classic. Strong, a little bit sweet, but it does not mess around. 😉

What do you do for fun?

I have been working in the event industry and traveling in the Caribbean for the last ten years between the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I enjoy boating and island hopping, adventurous hikes in the jungle, chasing waterfalls, snorkeling, swimming, learning about cultures, customs, and cuisine, from other countries. Trying to master Spanish by immersion and spending time with friends, family, and my boyfriend Raul. I love to cook and try new things and am looking forward to my new adventure in Santa Barbara.

"Our experience with Pure Joy was...Pure Joy! I worked with Annie on all the preparation. She is amazing, giving me great ideas and suggestions throughout the process.

Annie is a true professional and I would recommend Pure Joy, and Annie to anyone wanting a worry free and successful event.


Angel Person"

"I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Annie and the Pure Joy team for being such a major part of our wedding. They were there for us through the whole planning process, and we couldn't have done it with their guidance and support.

We didn't have a wedding planner, so everything was on us. We worked with Annie to not only create an amazing menu that was vegan and gluten-free friendly, but also to coordinate all of the rentals and setup. That took so much stress and management off of our plate and it made such a difference in everything coming together in the way that we envisioned. I heard from probably 20 different guests that the food was the best they've ever had at a wedding... and that's particularly amazing considering that most of our guests weren't actually vegan and gluten-free. So it says a lot about the quality of the food that our guests felt that way.

I can't recommend Annie and Pure Joy Catering highly enough, ESPECIALLY if you are looking for a top notch catering company that can also assist with rentals. This is extremely valuable in simplifying the planning process and reducing coordination." - Tyler R

"Annie's help was invaluable to us. She could not have been more caring and considerate. She is an excellent listener, she gave us everything we needed and everything we didn't know we needed.

She took away so much of the stress of planning a memorial while grieving a loved one.

Her attention to detail was impeccable up until the last minute of the event.

We could not sing her praises loud enough!" -Lillian G.

A Note From the Executive Chef

Annie is a true Joy Maker through and through, a lifer, she's been at this since her first job and I suspect her last one too, it is in her bones. Her work ethics and incredible intellect are among our greatest assets. Annie Rose has got an uncanny ability to read the room, and understand exactly what people want & need - not always the same things - and help them achieve their vision. She naturally masters the Pure Joy specialty of listening. It is such a pleasure, and a real honor, to work with such a fresh, contemporary professional, and very likable lady.


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