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Meet The Joy Maker; Mike Powers

Mike worked for Pure Joy Catering as an event server for two years before being promoted to the full time Event Operations Coordinator position in September of 2013.  He is a joyous addition to our team, always positive, smiling and willing to help create incredible events.

An Interview with Mike~

What do you do here?

I tell people I have three jobs at Pure Joy: Event Supervisor, Event Designer and Warehouse Manager  

Whats your favorite part of working at Pure Joy?

I love all aspects of my job, but especially enjoy seeing it all come together from working with the event planners and chefs to organize and plan the design and implement the whole thing on site when I supervise an event. It is amazing to see the result of many months of planning, utilizing our amazing processes in place for a successful event. 

What drew you to the Events Industry?

I enjoy the sociability of being around people, both at the Pure Joy Offices and on site.  I plan to have this job for a while; it is an amazing learning experience and I love it!  It is so awesome to be a part of such an incredible company. 

What jobs have you held prior to this?

I was a lifeguard, a restaurant busboy, a construction worker, a coach at summer camps.  While a student at UCSB, he trained as an Olympic hopeful on the Track & Field team.  Upon graduation, he became a UCSB Track & Field Assistant Coach to teach others the dedication and commitment to being an athlete, as well as to continue his personal training goals. 

What trends do you see in events for this year?

Lots of rustic, vintage, classic Santa Barbara - but every client has some element very specific to them that I can incorporate into the decor pieces and presentation I use. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into the Special Event Industry?

Be prepared to work your butt off, especially during wedding season!  If/when you put your heart into it and give it 110%, it is very rewarding!

What do you do for fun? 

My passion is in running and track & field, I even have wings tattooed on my ankles/calves!  I love being active, being outdoors and enjoying living in Santa Barbara and I love traveling in the off season

Note From the Executive Chef;

Mike is a true joy to have leading teams out there and as part of the Pure Joy Family. His success in climbing the ranks here was very predictable; he is an Olympic Class Champion. The perpetual smile and fantastic attitude regardless of the challenges of the day, the positive, solution response to everything and his love for throwing his heart into the job makes for a truly stand out guy.

Client Review:

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing wedding. We had such a great time working with Pure Joy. Everything went so smooth and the food was outstanding! We received so many compliments on the food & service. Mike did such a great job that everything went perfectly. Josh was such a great bartender, everyone loved him. Our favorite part definitely had to be when dinner was served. Everything was so delicious, we wished we went back again and again. Thank you so much for such an amazing array of food. Thank you so much Ellen and all for working with us to make our dream wedding come true.  We truly are thankful for everything. 

With all our love, Jake & Renee

Thank you for ALL that Pure Joy did to make Sarah and Danny’s wedding reception what it was. You could not have sent a MORE SPECIAL person as our Supervisor for the event! Mike Powers was Awesome!  He needs to be recognized for doing such an Outstanding job.

Thanks again, Roxann


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