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Oh Honey Honey, Oh So Sweet a Favor

Chef Marguerite getting delicious honeycomb

Pure Joy Catering has a continued mission of being a green and sustainable business through and through, but did you know we also keep our own bees for honeycomb?! You may have noticed these beautiful and tasty morsels on our cheeseboards.

Honeycomb pulled from our bee box

Here are a few ideas for using fresh honey as a wedding favor:

· Labeled jars of honey: Simply label jars of fresh honey with your wedding date and your names. You can then either give them as is or add a tag with a personal message.

· Honeycomb: Honeycomb is a beautiful and unique way to present fresh honey. You can either give it as is or arrange it in a decorative container.

· Honey-infused candles: Honey-infused candles are a sweet and fragrant way to add a touch of honey to your wedding. You can either make them yourself or purchase them from a local beekeeper. Our very own Dane Angus, the Santa Barbara Candle Man, makes his Spiced Honey & Tonka 100% soy wax candles!

· Honey cake: A honey cake is a traditional wedding cake in many cultures. It is made with honey and spices, and it is often decorated with fresh flowers.

· Honey-flavored drinks: Honey can be used to flavor a variety of drinks, such as tea, coffee, and cocktails. You can either serve these drinks at your wedding reception or give them as favors. Our Tuscan Crantini with limoncello and white cranberry juice soften the vodka, the inside of the glasses are drizzled with cranberry infused honey and is one of more popular signature cocktails.

Showstopping cheese board display dripping with honeycomb

Fresh honey is a delicious and thoughtful wedding favor that is sure to be appreciated by your guests. It is also a sustainable and eco-friendly option, as it supports local beekeepers and helps to pollinate plants.

A few of our favorite local honey providers for favors:

CLICK HERE, to learn more about Pure Joy’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Written by Shayna Cogan


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