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Postcard from Paraty, Brazil

My attention is pulled in so many directions… The rumble of the tropical storm began, to the point of distraction, hours ago and has now escalated to beefy roars from the jungly mountains that press this tiny colonial town up against the warm coast. There are colorful women, healthy men, loose dogs, horse drawn carriages and such elegance. Crafty, colorful and cavernous shops where the help doesn’t bother you because one look tells them I’m not from here and small talk is not an option. The rain began hard as we sat under a square umbrella with cocktails watching the night come. I recall bits of countless similar places, warm and wet and so foreign and yet so familiar. I keep forgetting where I am. The warmth and the moisture and the flavor of coconut and sweet fruit that only dances with the equator is like my childhood. We are in Paraty, Brazil - now. It is perfect and I’ve fallen in love again.

Lynette La Mere, Executive Chef, Pure Joy Catering


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