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Pure Joy Provides Pasture to Plate

Watkins Cattle Company is a family owned and operated working ranch and is run by father and son, John & Shane. They are keeping the art of sustainable cattle raising and butchery alive in a world where commercialization and feedlots are prevalent in the Western World. They treat their cattle with respect, grow them properly and they can always trace their cuts of meat back to the original origin of the cow. Pure Joy strives to provide the best darn wedding food you’ve ever tasted, and now we have the most delicious pasture to plate beef to feed you and your guests.

Watkins cattle raises happy cows. They are all naturally fed through the pastureland and live a life free of hormones and steroids. The cattle are moved & migrate around to the greenest pastures for the best possible grazing. If necessary, they will move the cows to other partnered ranches in Utah to ensure the cows have the best pastures available and can remain free to roam the land.

To supplement their natural grazing of wild grasses, oats, wheat & thistle, their diets are supplemented with spent grain from local micro breweries like Topa Topa, Island Brew, Made West & Ventura Coast. Those are some lucky cows if you ask me! Those grains aren’t going to waste so it’s a sustainable act all around. These particular spent grains are great for the mothers milk and help nourish the calves for healthy growth. We really do have Happy California Cows!

John Watkins is a second generation butcher and mans the Watkins Ranch Butcher shop. He has been passing his butchery skills down to the newest generation so the art doesn’t get lost forever. He’s teaching them how to break down the entire animal which requires skill, patience and a thorough knowledge of the entire animal. From pasture to plate, the old and newer generations are using the entire animal to supply us with delicious naturally raised, free range beef.

We can’t wait to feed you the best darn wedding food you’ve ever had.

watkins ranch cattle farm

watkins ranch cattle farm

watkins ranch cattle farm


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